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New Products
Partnumber: 1000


A NOTE FROM DEAN: 10 years ago, early 2007, when the economy and the stock market were good, it was suggested to us that it would be a good time to invest on Wall Street. The stocks and profiles presented to us looked attractive, many people do very well, but something told me to decline the offer and instead invest $50,000.00 on tooling many new items for the Datsun Roadster. Well, if we had invested in the stock market then we would have lost our shirt like so many did when the market collapsed. We are happy that we invested wisely as it has worked out very well and we have continued to invest each year since.
Some criticize the parts we make. Jealously finds it form in many different expressions. It is sad though that people have to run down our parts in order to make a sale for themselves. That they are unable to sell their parts on merit alone. We totally understand the transparency of their agenda and it's sad.
Simply put...we invest, not only in the Datsun Roadster, but we invest in your continued support and interest of a fine automobile and we will continue to invest. You see, we want you to be able to find the items that the factory no longer wishes to manufacture or stock. This means that as the factory parts disappear, NEW after-market parts of equal or better quality will begin to appear. To keep the cars on the road we ask that you give these parts a fair shake, by trying them out for yourself and support the efforts of those willing to invest their nest egg in keeping aligned with your best interest. Keeping your Datsun on the road! Many items below were made at the request of Roadster customers just like you. You asked / we answered with new product!

Some of the items listed in this section are new to our inventory and contain reproduction parts, NOS, recently acquired hard to find items or new revamped old tooling. Items listed may be 1 week to 6 months old and appear in our regular catalog in their specific section. After 6 months the items are deleted from the NEW PRODUCTS section as they are no longer considered new. At that time, if we still have the item, it will only appear in the designated section. Please look for these items in their relative sections.

Thanks, Dean

Z Car Parts
New Products
Partnumber: 1070
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 & 240Z 70 - 73 LH Door Mirror W/Gasket & Now Gasket sold Separately

Replacement Chrome & Stainless LH Mirror.

If the mirror, that is currently on your car, has not already been changed to the one in the photo it may require you to make a new hole in the door for mounting this mirror. The base of this mirror will cover the old hole so it will cosmetically look clean. No Bondo, filling or painting is required after this mirror is installed.

Will not fit on the right hand side of the car
Mirror Adjustment Note:In order to obtain mirror adjustment one should note that there are 2 distinct rotational movements of the mirror. One movement is 360 degrees. The other movement is 20 degrees, fore and aft which changes the pitch of the mirror in relation to the pedestal. The firmness of the pitch adjustment is controlled by a spring inside the mirror housing. Be careful rotating the pitch adjust. A "massage" type movement is preferable rather than forcing the pitch of the mirror which can bend the back plate.

There is visible parting line from the Zamac mold on the pedestal of the Nissan mirror and this has been a bone of contention among Z car owners and Roadster owners for years and there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it as Nissan will not and has not changed it having been made aware of the problem by the world populus for years. The problem has become progressively worse in the past 15 years as Nissan as either, allowed the company that makes this mirror to continue to produce the product with this problem or refused to correct the problem by paying the company to service and repair the tooling.

To order just the gasket (SEE 3RD PHOTO)
Order by PART# 1070GSKT $10.90
This gasket will not work on the original 68, 69 & 1970 Dastun Roadster mirror bases as the base gaskets are different07/01/17

Electrical Other
New Products
Partnumber: 1204
Datsun Wiring Plug Kits

Engine Room Wiring Harness Replacement Plug Kit

Why purchase a new engine room wiring harness just because the plastic plugs are painted over or cracked? If your wires are still in good shape, you can make your harness look brand new by purchasing engine wiring harness plug detail kit for less than the price of a new harness.

65-67 1/2 - $30.00.Order by PART# 1204A

68-Early 69 - $30.00.Order by PART# 1204B

69 1/2 -70 - $30.00.Order by PART# 1204C

click on the image for a detailed view

1970 model year shown. Specify year when ordering

Note: Some plugs sold open stock

Dielectric grease keeps moisture off of tabbed metal connectors. Comes in all plug kits. Simply wipe on terminals prior to assembly.Assembly Note:The metal connectors are included and are to be used if the old ones are corroded. You can install the new connectors, but it is a lot of work. If the old ones are OK you can simply push down on the locking tap and extract the old connectors, clean them up, bend the locking tab back to its original position and snap them into the new plastic plugs.



New Products
Interior Trim
Partnumber: 1241
Datsun Roadster 1970 Top of the Windshield Frame Trim Piece

Top trim piece for the 1970 only. This piece comes with our 1231 kit now available separately for those of you who are missing this piece on your car or wish to replace an old worn out piece.

New Products
U20 Carburator
R16 Carburator
Partnumber: 1271
Datsun SU Dashpot OiL OEM

Recommended for SU carburetors. Add to the top of the carburetors. Slows down the upward movement of suction piston.


Coming Soon
New Products
Partnumber: 1346
Datsun Roadster Battery Hold Down Assembly & Kits BACK IN STOCK EARLY DECEMBER

68 - 70 Powder coated LH drive exact Replica of original Battery frame Assembly 24420-A7800. Click on photos to see correct sizing of the part.

U.S. made and dimensionally the same as original. Fits most new style 24 group batteries. Some batteries run smaller then original 24 group batteries.
Choose your battery carefully as there are no returns on this item for lack of fitment.
Simply center over battery and tighten.

(1st PHOTO) - Left: Original Nissan Battery frame and other replicas.

1346A: (3rd PHOTO) Battery frame, Nissan tray w/drain hose. Use your old hardware.$56.00

1346B: (4th PHOTO) Battery frame, Nissan tray w/ drain hose, aftermarket correctly bent rods, washers, and wing nuts. $89.00

Batteries available through us for local pick up only. Exchange required allow 2 days.
Recommended battery sizes:

Interstate Batteries Part # MT-24F 10 1/4" long, 6 7/8" wide, 7 1/8" high 600 COLD/750 $142.24

Interstate Batteries Part # MTP- 24F 10 1/4" long, 6 7/8" wide, 7 7/8" high 800 COLD/1000 $167.53

Interstate Batteries Part # PF-24F-5 10 1/4" long, 6 7/8" wide, 7 1/8" 530 COLD/660 $126.43


See text

New Products
Partnumber: 1404
Datsun Roadster 65 - 67 1/2 Defroster Hose Excellent Reproduction Not Aluminum Smog Hose Being Sold by Other Vendors

65 - 67 1/2 Defroster duct rubber nipple & hose. Correct length, complete assembly. Price for the complete assembly of hose & rubber nipple in the right hand price column

EPDM US MADE rubber nipple exact to Nissan part NOT natural rubber like original Nissan that splits overtime.
In addition, the hose material is the aluminum spiraled very similar looking to factory part
Try getting another vendor to offer this!


1404 $27.00

1404HOSE $17.00EA

NEED JUST THE NIPPLE? Correct spiral thread on the inside.Order by
1404NIP $12.00EA

NOTE: Check out the 2 metal hose receptacles from an early car. In the 1st photo 1/2 of one side is welded off center which will make the hose not only fit on tight or perhaps not fit at all, but will create an air leak out of the hose. In the 2nd photo on the other side of the car the vent receptacle is slightly oval, but is still fine. Our new hoses are made a bit tighter that the factory hose to get a better seal. We want all the hot air on the inside of the windshield. Bending the mis-shaped area in slightly will remedy the problem so the hose installs correctly as seen in the final photo. 6/10/17

Cylinder Head U20
New Products
Partnumber: 1502
Datsun Roadster U20 Performance Solex B Cam 280 duration .460 lift

Nissan B camshaft was profiled by a prominent cam grinder who was responsible for supplying performance grind camshafts to various Nissan racing teams of the 60's and 70's. An identical master of the profile was made from an original Nissan B cam (SEE PHOTO). The exclusive master was contracted so as to grind U20 cam cores to the identical Solex B specification.

The most significant difference between the Solex B and the Solex C camshafts are mainly in the duration of the camshafts, the B being slightly less. The lift value is slightly less than the C profile as well.
Since Nissan supplied this camshaft in their Motorsports catalog its intended use was to be with the U20 Solex 4 barrel induction kit that was in production at the time, but can also be used with the SU carbureted version. I have personal experience with this camshaft and it is quite different than the Solex C cam. It is not a full race cam and is completely acceptable for use on the street.
Camshafts are in stock & ready to ship.




New Products
Partnumber: 1900
Datsun Roadster SOLEX 2000 Performance Header 1 5/8 dia tube THERMAL COATED
Test fitted & approved by Dave Rebello Racing

Order by PART# 1900SOL

Excellent quality. Precision holes and mounting. Machine ground 15MM thick header flange. AC/Tri Mil could not make. NO extra weld on tabs like other header brands.

Dave Premo once told me that "all 2000's should run 1 5/8" diameter tube headers".

Far superior to The AC Industries/Tri Mil version which had interference issues with the Solex manifold just about everywhere and required grinding the manifold for fitment OUCH!
Our all new header fits perfectly. Yes we checked the control sample and it is perfect.

This header does NOT come with any paper gaskets like the stock diameter pipe headers. This is a performance part and we recommend our, heavy duty metal sheathed gaskets click here, to add on to you order.

Collector included. Optional flex-pipe available separately. Click here, to view this part.

Precision Laser cut 15MM thick top plate flange same as Aluminum Datsun manifold thickness, No extra welded on tabs like other headers so you get a more sturdy flange like the factory manifold and a cleaner look.

Excellent welding!


For cheaper stock 1/2 inch diameter pipe version click here to view this part.

Body parts
New Products
Partnumber: 1907
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Interior Sound Deadening Material

Picture shows older Accumat product for size and placement

Now the real deal directly from Dynamat! We are officially one of their distributors.

Not Chinese rip off copies of Dynamat product being sold on Ebay with fake QR codes and packaging

Add one onto your interior kit at check out!

Datsun Roadster and Fairlady interior sound deadening material. Excellent deadening material when performing a ground up restoration. 1 box = 36 square feet and is more than enough material to renew areas where you removed old material during the restoration project. Specifically made for the purpose of automotive interior restoration this material conforms to raised bolt heads, protruding ridges and other irregular surfaces. A heat gun can be used to soften compound further into difficult areas.

Great competitive pricing! 6/01/17

New Products
Transmission 4 Speed
Engine external
Partnumber: 1918
Datsun Roadster Early 65 - 67 1500 Fairlady & 1600 Tran Mount IN STOCK

Early 65 - 67 Transmission Mount. Not painted like the originals. Special E coating to prevent rusting! NOT CHINESE!

Very rare & hard to find
Can use for 63 - 65 1500 transmission.
The following is a TECHNICAL TIP to use this mount for a 1500 Fairlady 310 from

Paul Demming: " Using this 1600 mount make a pattern of the transmission mounting side and reproduce in 1/8 mild steel including the two outer holes in the plate. These will serve as the final mounting bolts for the assembly. Drill two holes in the center of this pattern to match the 1500 transmission mounting hole spacing. Countersink the holes and use graded Phillips head machine screw to fasten to the 1500 transmission. Mount this duplicate plate to the transmission and secure the bolts with Blue Lock-Tite. Then, using the outer holes, bolt this plate to the 1600 mount and fasten to the cross member support plate."

New Products
Body parts
Partnumber: 1996
Datsun Roadster Front Floor Pan Patch Panels

Front floor pan patch panel. Left hand or Right hand. RH side shown. The floor pan patch panel is roughly 20 by 20 inches. It covers the area under the feet on both sides. The panel starts at the firewall and comes back to just before the hump in front of each seat. The three original ribs are formed into the right and left front floor panel. The manufacturer has added an extra inch at the front to extend up the firewall should you need it.

Left side Order by PART# 1996L

Right side Order by PART# 1996R
$134.00 EA

New Products
Partnumber: 2080
Datsun Roadster Nissan 67 1/2 2000 Lower Radiator Hose INTRO OFFER PRICING

Great hose with internal cloth webbing sandwiched inside and protected inside of the rubber like the later Nissan hose that is pictured in the 1st PHOTO.
The hose does not have the outer cloth covering like the hoses that came with the cars, Nice stuff I like original too.
Nissan eventually discontinued sale of those hoses because of the problematic issue with the cloths exposure to fluids, the cloth webbing drying out, becoming crunchy within the length of the hose, eventually bulging and bursting under pressure.
Nissan chose not to renew the contract for the cloth covered hoses as manufactured in favor of the newer technology, more expensive to make and quite frankly better quality hoses, like the one here and all subsequent hoses they had made for all their manufactured vehicles both domestic and for international use.
Same quality as our 2176 hose that we have been selling for 9 years 06/22/17

Interior Trim
New Products
Partnumber: 2104
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 Shift Plate Boot Securing Ring or Trim Ring INTRO OFFER PRICING

Laser cut stainless steel trim ring, precision laser cut holes for 67 1/2 shift plate. Hard to find and more often than not missing in action. Originally mounts underneath the shift plate on the other side of the rubber boot and is held in place by hardware. Includes 4 bolts with no slot or Phillips head so you can have a nice visually pleasing finish when installed...avoids the tacky look of Phillips head screws. Comes with stainless washers, nuts and a small bottle of Loc-tite to hold it all together. See our part 2181 where it is all included.
Order by PART# 2104TRIM

We have also seen people use the trim ring up top with our #1406 boot for a nice simple look. 10/01/2017

New Products
Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 2199
Datsun Everwing Lens

NOTE: Don't break your original Nissan Everwing glass lens. Use these inexpensive replacements for daily use and save the originals for the car meets!

Datsun Everwing Fog lamp replacement lens. Which one is the original? Just look at the exceptional detail! Clear, transparent (see photos) and durable UV stabilized lenses.... absolutely awesome!

Injection molded pressure cast. No epoxy non UV castings here. See 5th photo of our lens compared to yellowed epoxy casting made by another manufacturer.

PHOTO #6 "As the sun sets in the back round the fog will begin to roll in. Top up, heater on. Your fog lamps will guide the way back from the coast... inland to warmer air." This beautiful winter scene was sent to us by one of our customers.
Can't find an amber bulb?
Photo #7 Our Amber colored production. Order by PART# 2199AMBER $120.00
$120.00 PR

Lamps and Lights
New Products
Rubber parts
Partnumber: 2524
Datsun Roadster 69 & 70 License Light Rubber To Body Gaskets - US MADE IN STOCK

68 - 70 rear panel license lamp to body gaskets. LH and RH. 2nd & 3rd photos show the detail on the back. Sold as a pair.

This part has the correct shape and angle and back detail matching the Nissan originals as opposed to the other after market dull version, shown to the rear in the 3rd photo, that are being sold for the roadster that have a flat back side with no cupped sealing lip at the edge, no crown at the center and flat ends, lacking the curve that matches the metal housing of the lamp. We even had the original Nissan casting numbers replicated on the die work on the back. See them in the 3rd photo

The cupped sealing lip, being pointed to by the pen in the 3rd photo is crucial for sealing the back side of the lamp. Our part is made to OEM quality & detail!

EPDM US made rubber!
Nissan Master supplied by Paul Wells 06/10/17

New Products
Lamps and Lights
Partnumber: 2525
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 License Lamp Major Rebuild Kit

68 - 70 License lamp rebuild kit. Kit includes: 2 bulbs, 2 - lens, 2 lens gaskets & 2 LH and RH lamp to body gaskets. 06/10/17

Engine 2000
New Products
Engine Timing Components 2000
Partnumber: 2648
Datsun Roadster 2000 Camshaft gear Alignment Dowel Pin Screw & Washer

Camshaft Phillips head dowel screw & spring washer. 06/10/17
$5.95 EA.

New Products
New Old Stock Parts
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2649
Datsun Roadster 2000 U20 Jack shaft Retainer Plate w/Screws & washers

Got this from a vendor who says it is from Nissan although the packaging is in heat seamed plastic, with screws and washers. Nice part and often hard to find.
U20 Jackshaft retainer plate w/screw & washer set. Often worn on the back side. Control the end play of your jack shaft when installing new timing components.

Lamps and Lights
New Products
Rubber parts
Partnumber: 2673
Datsun Roadster & 510 68-73 License Lamp Gaskets (PAIR) IN STOCK

68-73 license lamp gaskets pair.
EPDM rubber US made!
Master supplied by Paul Wells

Kit comes with: 2 rubber gaskets NOTE:For the lens and rubber kit combined see part# 2513 06/05/17

New Products
Body parts
Partnumber: 2727
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 Complete Aluminum Trim Kit

67 1/2 Complete Aluminum Trim Kit. Doors, sills & door rubber trim pieces.K 06/28/17

Transmission 5 Speed
New Products
Partnumber: 2800
Datsun Roadster 2000 5 Speed 5th Gear Repair

Beautiful and properly welded & honed 5th gear exclusively repaired for us by Mark Degroff. Mark has repaired hundreds of gears, is an expert at welding and all of the post welding procedures performed to insure a proper functioning gear.
Have your gear repaired, may take 3 weeks or rush for $30.00 extra or purchase outright with core charge applied at the regular price.
Do not attempt to fix this with any type of welding as the gear can become horribly distorted.
Send us your early un-splined or splined 5th gear that has come apart. We also have pristine cores already repaired, in stock ready to go. CORE CHARGE $300.00 TO BE APPLIED AT REGISTER Yes core is expensive and your core should still be pressed together with no teeth missing, rust or unrepairable or cosmetic damage.

For just the repaired gear Order by PART# 2800GEAR $75.00



Body parts
New Products
Partnumber: 2806
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Economy Car Cover

1 layer DUST polypropelene cover. Water resistant to a degree. Water will penetrate eventually. Generic dust protection not for extended outdoor use in wet environments. Great for indoor or car port use.-ALLOW 1 DAY 6/17/17

New Products
Partnumber: 2810
Datsun New Style Turn & Twist To Lock

Nissan's new style "Star" knob used on the last available choke cables and throttle cables. Not original to Datsun's original knobs in the 60's, but you may need this if the old one has gone flat from the sun or bad or if you want to save some money on a replacement knob.
You can use this on a old or new assembly, old assembly requires you to drill a hole in the shaft of the choke, throttle post and install the roll pin supplied.

The knob will then turn and twist to lock into position. Compare elsewhere at $16.10 6/17/17

New Products
Partnumber: 2811
Datsun New Style Throttle & Hood Knob Offered By Nissan

Nissan's new style knob used on some last available throttle cables and some hood cables. Not original to Datsun's original knobs in the 60's, but you may need this if the old one has gone flat from the sun or bad or if you want to save some money on a replacement knob.
You can use this on a old or new assembly, old assembly requires you to drill a hole in the shaft of the throttle or hood cable post and install the .080 roll pin supplied.
The knob will then turn and twist to lock into position. Compare elsewhere at $16.10 without the pin.6/17/17

New Products
Body parts
Partnumber: 2813
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 Door Trim Kit

67 1/2 door trim kit. Different from the 65 - 67


Body parts
New Products
Partnumber: 2814
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 Aluminum Door & Sill Kit

Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 Aluminum Door & sill Kit

Cylinder Head U20
New Products
Engine Timing Components 2000
Partnumber: 2815
Datsun Roadster 2000 Upper Tensioner Shim Kit

3 shims, a rear gasket is supplied so you can renew the gasket & 2 tie strips are supplied when removing and re-installing the upper tensioners.
Before removing the tensioner, run the car to make sure that the tensioner is at maximum tension and has taken up the slack. Measure the distance from the back of the shoe to the body of the tensioner. This is the amount you will need to keep the chain tight.
Now remove the tensioner. Simply slide the tie strip through and around the body of the tensioner and close the shoe to the body. Put something under neath the body when removing the bolts so you don't lose anything down into the motor. After adding the shims repeat the process with the other tie strip to re-install the tensioner

This kit helps the death rattle.


Lamps and Lights
New Products
Electrical Other
Partnumber: 2816
Datsun License Lamp Bulb

Replacement long life Sylvania bulb for 68 - 70 Datsun roadster and later 510 rear license lamps.


Gasket Engine
Gasket Carburator
Transmission 5 Speed
Transmission 4 Speed
New Products
Gasket Transmission Differential
Partnumber: 2821
Gasgacinch Dressing For Gaskets

Gasgacinch dressing. Great Stuff! Your Dad used it cause your Dad's, Dad told him about it. Been around for ages. I like this stuff better than silicone. What do I know? 9/01/17

New Products
Rubber parts
Partnumber: 2822
Datsun Roasdter 65 - 67 Door Bumper (Pair)

65 - 67 door bumper. 2 are provided 1 for each door. Photo shows bumper installed.

Soft Tops
New Products
Handles and Latches
Partnumber: 2825
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 1/2
304 Stainless Soft Top Clips PAIR

Gorgeous 304 stainless steel reproduction soft top clips of the sturdy & safe 67 1/2 design. Picture does not do them justice.
Completely compatible with the early models. Far safer than the early, wire loop, design which had the latch arm, when fastened, ready to impale your skull in an accident, especially if you didn't upgrade your seat belts to the later shoulder harness set.
2 latches and 2 receivers. Price is for a pair.


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