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Datsun Restoration Products

True to form! Some of the other vendors have difficulty competing with our products and resort to divisiveness, name calling of our products, calling them silly and cheap, Chinese made with no real evidence to support any of their baseless claims. One vendor accused my ARP products fastener kits of being fake Chinese copies. Yet I am listed in the ARP web-site as a distributor and he is not listed. That borders on the bizarre.

Maybe they are following political figures because they had so much success with a lot of name calling. It's the oldest trick in the world and it really calls out how deeply negative these people are. Fear monger people into buying your product over the other guy by being negative and mixing truth and credibility with lies and deceit. Why not, some say, as this may be the only means a smaller vendor has to sell their products which are more often than not overpriced. If their products are better, than why not let the sale rest on just how good their products are without running down everyone else? When people do this, they do so because on some level they don't think their products will win the sale on merit alone. They are jealous. Its not personal. It is their own frustration and problem, not ours.

It has become so bad that if I sell a excellent Nissan part, that I never get back for failure ever, that just because I sell it, the Nissan part gets called junk and gets thrown under the bus with me. Who gets thrown under the bus next? Dave Rebello, Gerhardt Gear Aerospace, Manley Valves, BHJ Products? Well in fact some already have tire tracks all across their backs. These are all great companies.

When is the next whimsy coming?

In this past political environment aren't you tired of criticism without substance? Aren't you tired of falsehoods and bluster? I think we all are tired of that and we've absolutely had enough.

Now. Do I point out in my web-site defective tie rods, drag links and other products that are being sold by other vendors that have been tested independently and are truly dangerous? Yes, because I have proof of these claims and I have a responsibility to take care of my customers and to warn people and keep my customers safe.

Note that, with the parts we sell, I point out the processes used to create theses parts, materials, blue prints, drawings, attributes of our products, why the materials we used may be better than what else is offered and finally test reports. We do this for transparency and to date, we are the only vendor that goes to the trouble to show this information.

Do I make fun of the high prices of other vendors? Yes I do. I have a sense of humor about the high prices, but I don't call their stuff junk and often on the forums, privately and publicly I have praise for other vendors efforts. I don't need their praise. Praise comes from all the repeated sales from my customers worldwide.

Lastly, one vendor sells a U20 upper tensioner & U20 oil pump that I worked to design, performed independent testing and worked diligently for 6 months to keep the manufacturer on target to make it exactly to original form, fit and function. This part was made overseas, and he sources this exact same item, not from us, but from a distributor in the US. Only 1 company in the world has ever made an aftermarket upper tensioner and oil pump and it was made for me originally not the other vendors. Of course you will never ever hear that vendor speak ill of that part as he is making money off of my skill and effort and currently sells the exact item in his web-site for a lot more money and then tries to cover his tracks and back peddle, stating that he didn't buy it from me and to stay away from buying the part from me, even though its the same, exact part he sells.

Now ask any other vendor, who initiated making any of these parts and they pivot to some other topic. They won't answer. Ask them again. Press them again and again. You won't ever get a straight answer.
Weird and quite frankly hypocritical!

So who are you going to believe? Us, a business that has worked tirelessly for the past 33 years building a mass of inventory, investing huge sums of monies in making greatly needed parts to support and contribute to the community that no one else was interested in making or a guy that already had one failed Datsun parts business that sagged terribly 20 years ago who just started yet another business 5 years ago, who treats his business like a hobby and a Ego building device with the air of braggadocio in every single part he sells?

Do I mis-characterize the history here? Think this is propaganda? People read the forums. They know that small minded people hide behind their computers with anonymity and say things they would never say face to face in public.

People are not stupid. They know better to listen to the criticism of our products. We don't get a hoard of parts sent back. We never get anything back. Instead customers buy our parts, use them and recommend them and that is why we have been a legitimate alternative in the Datsun Roadster community for 34 years.

Look at our catalog of restoration products in this section and compare it the other guys.

Our parts sell over and over and over again without return or public criticism and interestingly the only criticism you ever see is from some of the other vendors. That is "The Tell", the red flag that the negative intent of what they say is un-true and baseless and it is all because I figured out how to find someone to make a part and or to make a quality part more affordable.

I looked at my catalog of parts today and instead of being arrogant like some other vendors, self promoting, I instead felt grateful for all the people with the knowledge and expertise that helped me in a team effort to make these parts available to you. It was never just me. It was collaborative and filled with the best people, with the best intentions. These people have lived their lives as legitimate businesses with integrity and honor and they need not be thrown under the bus with me just because I figured out how to market quality parts to Roadster owners who continue to have faith in our brand.

Just look at the plethora of parts listed below in this section, all exclusive to our catalog, that we have created over the past 34 years. We have included current production items as well as some older items that are out of production.