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Datsun Roadster & 240Z 68, 69, 70, 71 and 72 LH & RH Mirror Set

Datsun Roadster & 240Z LH driver & RH passenger late door Mirrors.


Fits 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972

Mirror Adjustment Note: In order to obtain mirror adjustment one should note that there are 2 distinct rotational movements of the mirror. One movement is 360 degrees. The other movement is 20 degrees, fore and aft which changes the pitch of the mirror in relation to the pedestal. The firmness of the pitch adjustment is controlled by a spring inside the mirror housing. Be careful rotating the pitch adjust. A "massage" type movement is preferable rather than forcing the pitch of the mirror which can bend the back plate. This is and was often a problem on old original Nissan mirrors that become frozen in the rotational joint.

There is visible parting line from the Zamac mold on the pedestal of the Nissan mirror and this has been a bone of contention among Z car owners and Roadster owners for years and there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it as Nissan will not and has not changed it having been made aware of the problem by the world populous for years. The problem has become progressively worse in the past 15 years as Nissan as either, allowed the company that makes this mirror to continue to produce the product with this problem or refused to correct the problem by paying the company to service and repair the tooling...take your choice. When I had the RH mirror made I had to make a decision. Do we make the mirror with the visible parting line like the Nissan LH mirror to match it or do I make it smooth like they were 40 years ago? Since Nissan will eventually be discontinuing this mirror we opted for the smooth look as we have the parts overseas to develop the LH pedestal to start production when Nissan finally dumps this part from their catalog. They probably should as our mirror has better chrome and a more smoothly polished stainless mirror back plate. The shape of our stainless mirror backplate is the same however the edge of the housing is not rolled in as much over the chamfer on the glass as the Nissan mirror and this particular process can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. We accepted this change as being a non issue as when viewed on the car the difference is subtle.