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Datsun Roadster / Fairlady Top Boot Cover & Tonneau Cover USA Haartz Brand Vinyl & Stayfast

Material: Stay-fast black cloth
Component: Top Boot
Model Year: 63 - 70

Datsun Roadster / Fairlady Top Boot Cover & Tonneau Cover USA Haartz Brand Vinyl & Stayfast


Top boots & Tonneau covers found to be defective, upon delivery to you, due to manufacturing defect are replaced directly through the manufacturer not through us. Please take this into consideration before ordering.

WARNING Before Purchasing: NOTE: Only 1% of our sales each year are returned to find that there is nothing wrong with these products. Use a qualified installer! Warranties and Refunds on "defective product" are only given upon inspection by the source company. If no deviation in the pattern is found, the product will be returned to you freight collect. For more information read the source companies warranty info at Part# 1099.

Top Boots 63-67 1/2, 68-70 Fasteners for the material are included.

Tonneau Covers 63 - 70 Fasteners for the material are included.

63 - 67 1/2 Tonneau Covers come with head rest covers, but they are not installed do to seat position relocation's often by owners. For early cars, that did not have head rests, just throw the head rest covers away.

68 - 70 Tonneau covers come with head rest covers not installed as well. They are separate in the box to be sewn in by you or a installer. Most people like the cleaner look without the head rests and their covers in place and remove the head rests from their car when they use a tonneau. If you want the head rest covers sewn in we can provide them this way. However you should read the following:
The reason we do not have the head rest covers installed is because the seat positions have often been moved and the pitch of the seats altered enough to make it nearly impossible for the manufacturer to sew in the head rest covers in such a manner to where the tonneau will fit properly, on all cars 50 years after the fact, without areas where there will be sagging. Your tonneau should fit like a tailored suit and be tight as a drum when installed. It is just not possible to have the head rest boot covers sewn in to match every seat position and pitch and still have a water tight outcome and proper finished look. Original Nissan tonneau's had the head rest covers sewn in albeit at a time when seat positions and pitch were in original positions.

After reading this Tonneau's ordered with the boot covers sewn in place are NOT returnable for lack of fitment of the head rests

Fasteners for the material are included.