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Datsun Roadster High temperature engine silicon sealent

Works great when used in conjunction with our custom head gasket shims for the 1600 and 2000 part numbers 1698 & 2270. Gasket sealant recommended for use when replacing these gaskets: Oil pan, valve cover, water pump, intake manifold, head, fuel pump, oil pump and just about any other gasket in our line.
I have personally used this sealant and like it although I often use original gaskets and supplement this in areas on the roadster that are prone to leakage.
Not affected by shock or vibration. Operating temperature from minus 76°F to 482° and is extremely resistant to engine and transmission oil other chemicals and coolant. Set up in about 6 minutes. You can use this instead of many gaskets as recommended by the manufacturer.
Includes plastic dispensing tip and metal key to extract the product. Toyota. Made in Japan. Shop & Compare!