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Datsun Roadster Lower Spring Seat Cushion Pair.

Datsun Roadster Upper or Lower Spring Seat Cushion Under Coil 


Lower front spring urethane seat cushion. Non flanged .225 thick O-ring cushion. Flanged O-ring in the top portion of the photo is the upper spring O-ring cushion.

These all new parts install in the lower spring seat. Never a regular item from Nissan. These were made by special request for customers complaining about spring noise. This never really bothered us. This may or may not be your cup of tea. We just thought we would make it available to those who are interested. This can be used with our Super Comp springs if you would like a higher ride. Even with these o-rings installed the super comp set still lowers the car more than our regular comp springs and other manufactures product in the Datsun community. You can also use the flanged urethane 1289 spring seats.