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Rebuild kit for 1620 AM dual master cylinder

Datsun Roadster NOS Aftermarket 46010-A7800 67 1/2 - 70 Dual Brake Master Cylinder

After market NEW OLD STOCK brake master cylinder. A picture is provided to show that this unit is correct for the Datsun Roadster.

This master was sold and specifically made with the intended use on the Datsun Roadster and ONLY the Datsun Roadster. Ready to go with no modifications or monkey motion to "make it work". Just like the factory master, simply mount up, bleed and GO!

This unit is NOT a converted 510 master nor has it been tampered with by changing parts on the master. 510 masters are intended for use ONLY on 510's, that's why Nissan tooled 2 different masters and not one for 2 different vehicles. 510 masters sold on the market as roadster master cylinders require adapter fittings, extra connections, more areas to seal, a rod to adjust, with bleed screws that are on the opposite side.

This master comes in the box, sealed and pristine, with the correct Roadster part number and is identical in look form and fit to the factory unit.

Good NEW stock not old or questionable product from untraceable origin.

We have seen on the internet rebuilt units selling from $230.00 to $350.00 requiring a exchange. No exchange required with us as this parts is BRAND NEW!