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New Old Stock Parts
Partnumber: 1168

This explanation is to clarify and have understanding as to the meaning of Factory Genuine Nissan parts versus OEM - Original equipment Manufacturer to Nissan parts often described as an OEM after market part. This is not to infer that ALL after market parts and their companies supplied Nissan.
Many of the items we sell are from the OEM companies that used to supply Nissan with parts for our roadsters. We will do our best, as time permits, to mark items "OEM" which in this case is the exact tooling and product that Nissan supplied. The following is but one example:

13270-25500 U20 valve cover seal. 1st PHOTO: Nissan bagged item on the left. OEM after market on the right. This item was discontinued by Nissan a few years back. The OEM company that made this part for Nissan, at the time of discontinuance, supplied to us the vacuum sealed counterpart in a long package thus preserving the shape of the seal as it corresponds to the valve cover for installation. WE requested it to be packaged this way. Nissan ordered this part to be folded over in their own packaging as was required for their distribution. The parts are identical. Just the packaging being the ONLY difference. We ask. Which do you prefer? We have them both ways. More examples to follow as time permits. If you have a question about a part we sell please take the time to ask.

Carburator Mikuni Solex
New Old Stock Parts
Partnumber: 1181
Mikuni 44PHH A-11 Carburetor Gasket Kit - 1

Includes enough gaskets to rebuild 1 A-11 Datsun Mikuni carburetor that were made specifically for Datsun by Mikuni. Buy 3 to re-build you Z car triple carb set up.

New Old Stock Parts
Suspension Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 1391
Datsun Roadster Upper & Lower A Frame Spindle, Bushing, Seal and Zerk Kit-Both Sides

Kit includes: 2 - upper spindles, 4 - upper bushings, 4 - upper seals, 4 - plate locks, 4 - zerk fittings. 2 - lower spindles, 4 - lower bushings, 4 - lower seals, - 4 - zerk fittings. Kit does both sides.

SPECIAL NOTE: These spindles are not 3 separate pieces that have been welded together at 4 separate points of contact. Beware other vendors are selling these 3 piece units and not providing a photo

New Old Stock Parts
Suspension Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 1446
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Lower Spindle Link, Bushing and Seal Kit - Both Sides

Kit includes: 2 - lower spindles, 4 - bushings, 4 seals and 4 zerk fittings.

SPECIAL NOTE: These spindles are not 3 separate pieces that have been welded together at 4 separate points of contact. Beware other vendors are selling these 3 piece units and not providing a photo

Cylinder Head U20
New Old Stock Parts
Partnumber: 1449
Datsun Roadster U20 Chrome moly Retainers / Accepts L-series Lash Pads (Set of 8)

67 1/2 - 70 U20 Chrome moly steel w/heat treating valve retainer for 11/32 valves - set of 8. Chrome moly retainers w/heat treating are safer when using higher spring rates for race applications as the heat treating is through the entire part. It is especially important in the area where the valve collets reside where greater strength is not only desired but required. This is just one of the reasons these Chrome moly retainers have been highly sought after over the years. Now back in stock! Works great with any Cam requiring alternate retainers to get the geometry correct.

Schneider's design allowed for an improved fit on higher spring rate aftermarket valve springs with larger outer and inner spring I.D.'s than the original Nissan valve spring set. We also offer a version with a improved fit to the stock Nissan inner and outer valve spring set. Order by PART#1449AM $140.00 for our own aftermarket HD valve springs set.
Order by PART#1449ISKY $140.00 for Iskerderian #7005 HD valve springs set.
For stock Nissan springs Order by PART# 1449STK $120.00. Now you won't have to worry about a sloppy fit to any valve spring sets. It's that simple!
All 3 retainer sets allow the use of a variety of different thickness L-series lash pads on a U20 motor to enable the user to dial in after-market camshafts. The Schneider Cams, high hat, integral one piece design offers excellent side support for tall lash pads, (SEE PHOTO) was preferred and highly sought after for street use and in the racing community. Tried & true. Hundreds & hundreds of the 11/32 U20 versions of these beauties were sold with no issues, thousands of the L-series 8mm valve version were sold in the open market as well. Retainer accepts L-series lash pad thicknesses up to .300. Nissan & Our aftermarket style retainer sets installed height are 1.620 as per correct & proper original Nissan U20 specification. All spring forces and heights are the same as the original Nissan retainer. Isky spring set installs at 1.700.

Formula to determine approximate lash pad thickness required: Original lash pad thickness for the stock U20 cams = .078. Re-ground cams have a reduced base circle. Some camshafts have a base circle that is very reduced. The important thing to remember from this is to check each re-ground camshaft to get the proper lash pad thickness required. We can help you choose the correct lash pad to get you in the ball park. Other factors that will effect what size lash pad to use are related to the actual rocker arms being used. Not all rocker arms are made exactly the same and can vary from rocker arm to rocker arm. Depth of the valve seats, installed height of the valves can also effect what size lash pad should be used to obtain the correct "wipe area" on the rocker arm and the correct "lift value at the valve". The following is an example to show the math involved in determining the correct lash pad thickness required. FORMULA: Use the following example and plug in your own numbers. Base circle diameter of your camshaft .___ subtracted from the constant 1.310 = .____ divided by 2 = ___ + original lash pad thickness of .078 = ___ new lash pad thickness starting point. Select a lash pad thickness from our stock as close to this thickness as possible.

Transmission 5 Speed
New Old Stock Parts
Partnumber: 1482
Datsun Roadster 5 Speed Transmission Clutch Arm Boot

2000 Clutch arm 5 speed transmission housing boot. Will not harden and deteriorate like the Nissan counterpart. Lifetime warranty. BACK IN STOCK !

New Old Stock Parts
Suspension Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 1505
Datsun Roadster and Fairlady Lower Spindle, Bushing & Seal Kit - 1 Side

Kit includes: 1 - lower spindle, 2 - bushings, 2 - correct seals and 2 - zerk fittings.

SPECIAL NOTE: These spindles are not 3 separate pieces that have been welded together at 4 separate points of contact. Beware other vendors are selling these 3 piece units and not providing a photo

Wiper and Washer
New Old Stock Parts
Partnumber: 2093
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 310 63 - 67 Replacement Wiper Blades

Early replacement wiper blades. New Stock New Rubber. Some 67 1/2 cars have had their wiper blade arms replaced with earlier arms and these early style loop and hook to assemble blades (SEE PHOTO). Check your car first before ordering even if it is not a 67 1/2. Some cars have been mixed and matched through the years.
$39.00 PR

New Old Stock Parts
Partnumber: 2171
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady NOS Original SU Choke Cable Gear to Lock Mechanism

Datsun Roadster & Fairlady original click style gear mechanism choke cable assemblies with correct original bezels old style. No turn and twist to lock like the newer series. Simply pull to desired choke position and the gear and locking mechanism holds the position.

These were found in a NOS warehouse in Japan. Some have the yellow part number labels partially intact. This means you can have a early mechanism on a late car.

All these cables come with a two hole firewall grommet, correct bezel. These cables assemblies come with a generic knob held in with a roll pin. To use an original knob with these assemblies you must drill the existing hole with a #42 drill and tap with a 4/40 tap. Original knobs are available in the knob section.

Use part numbers in the text below to order the correct cable for your car.

Click here, to view newer "turn to lock" cables with the generic knob and bezel.

Click here, to view newer "turn to lock " cables with original bezels and knobs.

65 - 67 1/2 Order by PART# 2171A

68 Order by PART# 2171B

69/70 Order by PART# 2171C

New Old Stock Parts
Partnumber: 2584
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady 63 - 67 1/2 Bezel Finisher

65 - 67 1/2 OEM NOS bezel finisher for cables assemblies wiper switch.

New Old Stock Parts
Partnumber: 2585
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 - 70 Bezel Finisher

67 1/2 - 70 OEM NOS bezel finisher for cables assemblies and various electrical switch functions.
$18.50 EA

New Old Stock Parts
Partnumber: 2586
Datsun Roadster Late Style Bezel Finisher

Generic finisher provide by Nissan cable manufacturer on all cables and some electrical function switches from the 1980's and later.
$4.50 EA

New Products
New Old Stock Parts
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2649
Datsun Roadster 2000 U20 Jack shaft Retainer Plate w/Screws & washers

Got this from a vendor who says it is from Nissan although the packaging is in heat seamed plastic, with screws and washers. Nice part and often hard to find.
U20 Jackshaft retainer plate w/screw & washer set. Often worn on the back side. Control the end play of your jack shaft when installing new timing components.

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