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U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1058
2000 Carburator Information Special Note

Individual 2000 carb pieces are located in this section. For kits go to section marked on the navigation bar "Carburator Kits and Packages" or click here, to go to the section.

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1130
Datsun Roadster Su 2000 2 Barrel High Flow Air Cleaner Assembly

2000 SU High Flow Re-Usable Air Cleaner Assembly

Can be purchased with or without velocity stacks. Price is for air cleaner, drilled back plate,gaskets a 3 retaining clips. Velocity stacks can be added to the order.

Let your 2000 breath a little easier. Note: There is no provision in the back plate for PCV hose mounting. There are after market PCV filters that can be attached to your valve cover breather outlet. Venting directly into the air filter can damage the assembly. Click here to view Mikuni/Solex version of this assembly.


U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1179
Datsun Float Chamber Needle and Seat

U20 needle and seats.

U20 Carburator
R16 Carburator
Partnumber: 1243
Datsun Roadster / Fairlady / 510 SU Choke Cable Assemblies - OLD STYLE

Original choke cables with original knobs

These Nissan choke cables are the longer 2000 choke cables. The longer casings can be trimmed when the ends fray. On the 1500 and the 1600 this translates into a longer lasting assembly.

NOTE: Original cables with correct bezels and knobs pictured.


64 - 671/2 order by PART# 1243A

68 order by PART#1243B

69 & 70 order by PART# 1243C

Click here, for generic, NEW STYLE cheaper version.

click here, for original click type mechanism.

$181.00 EA

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1249
Datsun Roadster 2000 SU Reman Throttle Bodies (Set of 2)

SU 2000 throttle body set with roller bearings and new throttle shafts and seals.

$445.00 PR

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1251
Datsun Roadster Su 2000 Carburetors - Pair

Re-manufactured 2000 Carbs

These carburetors are re-manufactured with stainless steel throttle shafts riding on ball bearings! Completely massaged and rebuilt plated linkages. New nozzles, needles, floats, needle and seats, fuel transfer tubes, etc. Don't wash-out the rings in your newly rebuilt motor with old over-rich worn out carburetors. Call us for a new set today!

We now carry Z-Therapy re-manufactured complete carburetors. You receive at no extra charge $14 worth of carb gaskets that they do not supply! 4 phenolic block gaskets, and 2 carb to air filter gaskets. Core charge of $250.00 is added to, in addition to, the cost in the price column. Exchange required.

Cores must be sent back to us within 30 days of receiving your order for full refund of the core charge. Cores must be fully assembled and complete. Deductions for incomplete or damaged cores apply. 30 day core return policy applies, no exceptions. Recycling cores as soon as possible allows other customers to keep their cars on the road. Please show your respect for other roadster owners by following the core return policy. To view policy click here, and scroll down the page to Core Charges.

$725.00 PR

U20 Carburator
R16 Carburator
Partnumber: 1259
Uni Sync Carburetor Balance Tool

SU and Mikuni / Solex Air Flow meters

Carburetor balance is essential for precise tuning. Don't be lost without these helpful tune-up aids.American made NOT Chinese!!


Gasket Carburator
U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1279
Datsun Roadster Su 2000 Carburetor Insulator Block Gaskets - Set of 4

U20 SU carb insulator block gaskets

Never available separate until now. Now you can reuse your insulator blocks as long as they're not cracked.

Note: Sold as set of four.


U20 Carburator
R16 Carburator
Partnumber: 1628
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Some Late 2000 Plastic Float

63 - 70 1500/1600 some late 2000 replacement plastic float.
$25.20 EA

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1629
Datsun Roadster / Early 240Z Carburetor Float

671/2 - 70 2000 carburetor float. Some 70 2000's came with free floating floats like those in part#1628. Be sure to open the float lids to check to see what you have.
$60.00 EA

Gasket Carburator
U20 Carburator
R16 Carburator
Partnumber: 1630
Datsun Su Float Chamber Gasket

1600/2000 Carburetor float gasket.
$3.25 EA

U20 Carburator
R16 Carburator
Partnumber: 1631
Datsun Carburetor Fuel Inlet Screen Filters

68 - 70 1600/2000 Carburetor banjo inlet fuel filters.
$12.00 PR

R16 Carburator
Gasket Carburator
U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1632
Datsun Carburetor Inlet Washer - (4)

Carburetor banjo inlet washer set OF 4.

R16 Carburator
Gasket Carburator
U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1634
Datsun SU Plunger Rod Washers

Carburetor plunger rod washers.
$3.00 PR

U20 Carburator
R16 Carburator
Partnumber: 1635
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Some Late 2000 Needle & Seat

1500/1600 some 2000's Carburetor float chamber needle & seat.OEM correct length, no modification to float arm, bolt in and go!
Below is a guide to check if anyone has monkeyed around with your float lever.
Float level measurement: Turn the float chamber lid upside down with the needle seat and the flat arm in place. The distance from the tab, that touches the top of the float on the arm, to bottom of the lid should be .550 of a inch.
$26.00 EA

U20 Carburator
R16 Carburator
Partnumber: 1638
Datsun Su Carburetor Throttle Return Spring

Carburetor throttle return spring. All years. Replaces OE unit. Light weight value will not damage throttle shafts. 2 required.
$6.00 EA

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1640
Datsun Roadster Su 2000 Caburetor Needles

2000 SU carburetor needles. "HOT" Performance.
$28.00 PR

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1643
Dastun Roadster Su 2000 Caburetor Nozzles - (2)

68 - 70 SU 2000 Carburetor nozzles.
$78.00 PR

U20 Carburator
R16 Carburator
Partnumber: 1644
Datsun Carburetor Fuel Pipette

68 - 70 1600/2000 SU Carburetor fuel pipette. Always use fuel resistant hose such as these to avoid the grief of a engine fire. 2 required.
$20.00 EA

U20 Carburator
R16 Carburator
Partnumber: 1645
Datsun Carburetor Fuel Pipette Clamp

68 - 70 1600/2000 SU carburetor fuel pipette clamp. Won't dig into the hose like early wire type. See part# 1644 for fuel pipette that attaches to the Su nozzle. 4 required.
$4.50 EA

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1648
Datsun Roadster 2000 Su Air Filter

2000 SU carburetor Air filter.

Gasket Carburator
U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1650
Datsun Roadster 2000 Su Insulator Block W/Gaskets - SOLD AS PAIR)

2000 SU Carburetor insulator blocks with gaskets. Purchase as new or re-use your old insulators, if they are not cracked and simply put on our new gaskets which are less expensive than the insulator set. Click here to view the gaskets.

R16 Carburator
U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1708
1500/1600/2000. Caburetor idle screw springs.
$5.00 PR.

Gasket Carburator
U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 1718
Datsun Roadster Su 2000 Air Filter Gasket

671/2 - 70 2000 SU carburetor to air filter housing, Nitrile, heat resistant, fuel resistant gasket. 1/8 thick. Nissan version is a cork fuel absorbing mess. 2 required.
$12.00 EA

Cylinder Head U20
U20 Carburator
Engine external
Partnumber: 1750
Datsun Roadster 2000 Su Pcv Hose

67 1/2 - 70 SU 2000 Positive crankcase ventilation hose. These are being supplied now as outer rubber with inner cloth sandwiched and completely impregnated in between the rubber in the same manner as all of the newer Nissan radiator hoses, heater hoses and aftermarket hoses all sold as well by other vendors. Gee, guess the design is really good then! Rubber used is designated for oil resistance. Far superior to Nissan original where cloth webbing became so dry that it would make a crunching sound when squeezed. Squeeze yours! Nissan originals don't carry the lifetime warranty this one has.Note: Fitting in picture is no longer provided

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 2152
R16 & U20 67 1/2 - 70 Bottom SU Manifold Freeze Plugs

R16 & U20 2 - "outboard" & "bottom" manifold freeze plug (3)

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 2293
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 - 70 Su Air Filter Hardware - Kit

2000 air filter hardware kit.

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 2314
Datsun Roadster 2000 SU Velocity Stacks - (2)

2000 SU Velocity stacks. 1 3/4 inch diameter bore. Height from mounting flange 1.965. These work terrific in our ITG foam air filter assembly. Great design, actually pulls air from behind the curved bell. Greater velocity and less turbulent air flow through the boundary layer of the bell.
$156.00 PR

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 2412
Datsun Roadster SU 2000 Air Filter Housing Gasket Rebuild - Kit

67 1/2 - 70 SU 2000 air filter housing rebuild kit. The carb to air filter gaskets are heat and gas resistant nitrile NOT paper gaskets as originally supplied that absorb gas and disintegrate overtime.

Electrical Firing
Carburator Kits and Packages
U20 Carburator
Engine external
Partnumber: 2475
Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 - 70 2000 SU Tune Up - Kit

Tune up kit includes: Oil filter, Air Filter, Cap, Rotor Points, Condenser and 4 - spark plugs.

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 2576
Datsun Roadster 2000 Carburetor Wing Bolt & Washer

2000 air filter wing bolt & washer.

U20 Carburator
Engine external
Electrical Firing
Carburator Kits and Packages
Partnumber: 2708
Datsun Roadster 2000 Major Tune Up Kit

2000 Major Tune Up Kit. Air filter, oil filter, spark plugs, spark plug leads (BLACK), cap. rotor, points & condenser.

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 2738
Datsun Roadster 2000 Su Air Filter Wing Bolt

2000 Su Air Filter Wing Bolt Nissan

U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 2739
Datsun Roadster SU 67 1/2 2000 Carburetor Nozzles

SU 67 1/2 2000 Carburetor Nozzles pair 90 degree Front & rear
U20 Carburator
Partnumber: 2819
Datsun Roadster U20 carb to Air Filter Gaskets & Float Gaskets

2 - U20 carb to air filter gaskets & 2 float bowl cover gaskets

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