Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Front Regular Lowering Spring Comp Track Version (pair) BUY 2116 INSTEAD

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Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Front Lowering Spring Comp Track Version 


Your car will sit at the same height as the MY/JT spring and is designed with the same amount of coils. Spring rate is slightly higher than our 2116 & the Mike Young / JT spring. See part 2116 for ride height as this is very similar.
Fine for street, but better for for smooth pavement Slalom & Track use.  If you want a spring that has the same rate as the MY/JT spring Order by PART# 2116

This spring is not the Super Comp 2113 spring. This spring lowers the car 1.250.

Springs rates were tested on a US made calibrated Larson Flash 36 load tester rated with a 5,000lb cell which cost $90,000. Not tested on a $1,000.00 Summit Nascar cage less spring tester used by those parsimonious vendors working out of their garages. Wire hardness tested on a US made Newage calibrated Brinell hardness tester 7000

This spring brings greater diversity to our suspension kits and make it easier for one stop shopping for all our supplemental add on suspension delights! Depending on how and what roads you drive on you may wish to modify the bumps stops for clearance up to 1 inch. Tool used to measure the bump stop clearance was positioned upside down, decibel point on the right, for ease of photography. Nissan short bump stops were used on the test car Measurements were witnessed by 311 participants