Lifetime Warranty

Parts that we carry, that are marked LT at the bottom of the description, are now lifetime warranty parts. Since I am in excellent physical condition and have no health issues, I have at least another 20 years in this business so you can be confident that I will be able honor any warranty issues that come up. More importantly, the strength our warranty is backed up by our responsibility to the Roadster community by collecting sales tax for the state of California, paying the Office of Finance - City of Los Angeles each year and declaring our income to the Federal government. We are a up front and legitimate business and because of this you can feel safe and be assured of our published and legitimate claims to any warranties we have applied to our inventory by virtue of our past and present intentions.

Some parts may have a exception which will be noted in the text next to the LT. This means that for as long as you own the car the items will be replaced if they become defective. It is necessary to keep your receipt for warranty exchange. No items will be warrantied without a receipt. This does not mean the items can be abused, damaged and returned for exchange. An example of this would be: You can not hit a reproduction knob with a ball pean hammer and return it for warranty exchange. If a knob were to crack in use then you can return it for exchange.

Warranty applies to the original purchaser of the item. Mechanical items that have failed must be accompanied with a receipt from a qualified auto repair facility documenting the failure or be inspected by one of our auto repair mechanics for failure.

Please return items ONLY by USPS regular mail INSURED. USPS postage will be refunded on your next parts order.

Nissan parts still carry a warranty of 1 year from date of purchase. For those of you purchasing items for installation at a later date, then the purchase date, we will still honor the 1 year warranty. VERY IMPORTANT: If you are installing at a later date you must send a letter stating the installation date at the time of installation to receive the extended warranty start time. Nissan parts being returned as defective and said to be installed at a later date, then the purchase date, will be subject to inspection by Nissan Motor Limited here in North America. Any Nissan items returned for warranty and exchange, that are out of production items, are subject to availability. If no original replacement is available then a substitute part of equal value will be given or a in house credit towards your next purchase will be applied.