Kameari Engine Works & Special Order From Japan

We now welcome "Kameari Engine Works" of Japan to our product line: Here is a little history of their contribution to the world of Datsun parts. Find their parts in these sections




1979:  Auto parts store opened in Kameari, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo as the eighth store in Central Shokai Co., Ltd., which was also a gas station at the time. The name of the shop was named "Car Shop Kameari". At that time, it was a store that sold car wax, seat covers, car audio, and so on.

1980: Shigeo Mori was a mechanic at a gas station at the time, became the manager of the car shop Kameari.

1982: Continually participated in drag races with an L-type engine tuned according to Mr. Mori's personal hobby. Mr. Mori was both a driver and an engine tuner and the performance of the car grew rapidly. From around this time, the shift from car goods store to engine parts store began.

1987: Entrance into drag racing. Engine power determines victory or defeat. Shigeo concluded that he could not win races without high-performance parts, so he started developing valve train parts such as camshafts, valve springs, and big valves. Around this time, the business was featured in car magazines as a "store that sells technology and high-performance parts", and sales increased dramatically.

1990: Shigeo won consecutive top prizes in drag races with Kameari original parts! This year, he won three consecutive championships, and received high praise from the industry. As a result, the demand for Kameari parts increased rapidly, and requests to purchase parts from shops and wholesalers flooded in, and many wholesaler transactions were successful.

1995: Retired from Central Shokai in order to develop more authentic parts and manufacture machines. Established Kameari Engine Works Co., Ltd. with Shigeo Mori as representative. A chassis dynamo (horsepower measuring machine) was installed, and a large number of high-performance parts were completed based on the data fed back from detailed engine power characteristic tests by changing parts and actual driving tests on the circuit. As a result, L-type performance, which had been sluggish due to the availability of basic tuning parts, such as crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, and camshafts, regained momentum nationwide in Japan In addition, 2TG, 18RG, 4K, FJ20, S20, A-type, and U20 have the same development system, and Kameari started making parts. 

Mission statement/Thoughts: Parts play a big role in both racing and street performance. Engine builders will demonstrate their skills to draw 100% of the potential from our parts. We continue to evolve as we design and make new parts. As long as users request parts from us, we will continue to develop products every day. Thank you, Shigeo Mori


We have been importing Nissan parts for vehicles, other than the roadster, for some time now. This move to acquire parts for newer vehicles came from requests from many private parties, body and repair shops nationwide. As Nissan North America has downsized and deleted inventory bin locations here in the U.S for many parts on the older vehicles it has made it exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to obtain parts for vehicles older than 15 years. NML Japan still has some NOS items and we will be more than happy to special order any item you may be seeking to keep your car, whichever model, on the road. Shipping is EMS from Japan or sometimes if you hit us at the right time it may be included in one of our container loads from Japan. We are limited to certain items based on size and weight. Check before ordering.


  1. Parts inquired and priced as available from overseas require full payment for parts and shipping before your overseas order will be placed. We are not responsible for you ordering the wrong parts. Please be sure of your vehicle type, production date and vin information when ordering. We currently reference Reynolds and Reynolds parts category listing which has the most accurate Nissan parts information.
  2. When a item is quoted it may be to your advantage to order immediately. Our brokers have priority over Canadian warehouses and other points of worldwide distribution. This does not always help when there are only 4 pieces left on a discontinued item and 5 orders coming in from various countries. We will make every effort to give you the exact quantity left in inventory.
  3. Special order items are not returnable.
  4. Once a we order a item with our Japanese brokers the order can not be canceled.
  5. Our parts brokers make every effort to make sure the part or parts we will be ordering for you are available. Inventory control through Japanese warehouses is usually very accurate. Our brokers check Nissan's main headquarters computer inventory for availability and production status and check Nissan's own inventory warehouse for product. When possible, a spot check of the bin location is checked for verification. From time to time computer inventory does not match actual bin inventory resulting in a canceled order. In the case of a canceled order we will refund your money immediately. Canceled orders usually occur within 1 to 2 weeks after order is accepted in Japan. We apologize when this does happen and we actually lose money during the refund process.