Nissan Parts Dump

DEC. 1st 2003 PARTS DUMP UPDATE: We have now expanded our search for parts that are being dumped to other cities which involves expenses such as Air-fare , Hotel accomendations, Truck rentals as well as packaging and shipment costs of products sent back to our LA warehouse.

Every moment we are not able to answer the phone equates to lost sales. The parts we purchase and have purchased at these dump sights are not free. We must, at the end of procurring these parts, add all the expenses and time involved into the cost of the parts and arrive at a reasonable mark-up to justify making the effort. This is not like the old days when people would raid the Nissan dumpsters at night to get free roadster parts. If it becomes" thin pickens " at some point we will discontinue are efforts and not be able to offer some of the great items that have disappeared into the vast waste land of recycled parts.........

From viable parts to tin cans its a sad sight.(see photos)

Believe it or not this has been going on for years with no end in sight. It is common in the automotive industry to do parts scrapping and it is every company's perogative to do so.

As you may already know we have been visiting reclycling centers here in the L.A. area 5 times a year in hopes of saving the waterfall of parts Nissan scraps every year. Miles and miles of parts are being disposed of at a alarming rate in warehouses large enough to fit a Boeing 747. To go through these parts is a overwelming task. We literally show up with a shovel and dig threw enormously deep boxes in hopes of saving as many Roadster parts as possible.

Each time we show up we have less than 60 hours to find what we can. It seems futile at times because a worker over my shoulder is shoveling faster into the compacter than I can sort and select. Were doing the best we can so please try to understand when we are unavailable.