Restoration Products

Just look at the plethora of parts listed in our web-site, all exclusive to our catalog, that we have created over the past 35 years. 

Customers buy our parts, use them and recommend them and that is why we have been a legitimate alternative in the Datsun Roadster community for 35 years.

Our parts sell over and over and over again without return or public criticism and interestingly the only criticism you will ever see is from some of the other vendors and their close friends.
I looked at my catalog of parts today and I felt grateful for all the people with the knowledge and expertise that helped me in a team effort to make these parts available to you. It was never just me. It was collaborative and filled with the best people, with the best intentions. These people have lived their lives as legitimate businesses with integrity and honor and helped me market long lasting, safe, quality parts to Roadster owners world wide who continue to have faith in our brand.