Dash Comments

New 65-67, 67 Datsun Dashes

It's been 27 years since we introduced our new fiberglass reproduction version of our dash. To date we have sold 867 pieces. Want to see how good our dash is? Check out the photos at part number 1292 Be sure to click on the thumbnails to open the pictures to a larger format for better viewing. Some pictures of a original dash are also there to view for comparison. We worked very hard to create the proper contours, flat front edge, arc and detail on the top, that have been present since the very beginning of production. The pebble finish is similar to the original Royal Moroccan grain and the assembly holes are pre-drilled for convenience. Tonneau twisties can be installed across the dash if you want to. The vinyl is not open in these areas so if you do not want to use the twisties there is no open hole to deal with. The dash comes with or without a stainless steel bolt and washer set and also comes with a comprehensive step by step instruction sheet for assembly. If you would like a different color other than black we can make arrangements with you. In the past 13 years we've have received very complementary support from purchasers. Here is but a sampling of the customer list and what some people have to say.

Mike Young and Ross Mullen have used and sold our dashes.

Norman Ritz Yulee, FL "Looks great! Fits perfect! Everything you said it was, you can't go wrong. Someone said before I purchased it you get what you pay for." Dean: "Thanks Norm, you do get what you pay for at Datsunparts.com."

Albert Rosales L.A., CA

James O'Neal Antioch, CA "Looks great, I'm really happy with it."

Joe Silva (4) Bloomington, CA "Looks like a regular dash, I'm very happy!"

Arthur Rockwell L.A. CA

Albert Ellis Seattle, WA "A little gap on the right hand side, but it looks great!" Dean:"Albert, vacuform reinforced version is a sub-base for the foam and vinyl covered dash. Adjusting the dash over to the left eliminates the gap and will allow for a snug fit when you foam and vinyl this version, if you so choose."

Douglas Brackett Blairsville, GA

Bob McClanihan Los Alamos, NM "Installation was nice, markings were good? Fit right in place."

Sharon Chambers Apopka, FL

Mohamed Munas Hayward, CA

James C. Grant Stillwell, KS "It went in perfect, no one ever guesses that it's not the original dash."

Roger R. Radtke Houston, TX "Everything lined up with the original holes, I was surprised for the price. Directions were good, I couldn?t go wrong."

James J. Blevins Crumpler, NC

Timothey L. Hehr Portland, OR

Mike C. Scillipotti Fayetteville, PA "Looks great!!"

Baudelino Hernandez La Puente, CA

Mike Young San Francisco, CA

Mark McCafferty Manitou Springs, CO "I took your economy version to a trim shop and he covered it with the vinyl of my choosing and it fits really good. Trim ring fits inside ! Real good instruction sheet."

Jim Walsh (2) Vacaville, CA "Worked out really good for me. Everything fits fine!"

Eric Ito Chatsworth, CA

Roman Risk L.A., CA "What I like about your products is the effort you make to create items that no one else has!"

Michael Landskrooner Bayside, NY "Looks pretty good, but doesn?t have the vinyl piece that curls underneath the trim ring." Dean: "That?s correct nor does the $245 version or any of the other vendor?s dashes. However, our deluxe like original all foam dash that?s $400 has this distinguishing feature of originality."

Kurt Lawry Springfield, IL

Jim Brooks Huntsville, TX "Beautiful!"

Mike Harper Mount Pleasanton, S.C."I think it's a great reproduction for a nice driver. For the money I don't think you can beat it."

Lot Aburto Anaheim, CA

Stan Maciejewski (2) Venice, CA

Kerry Dehmel Clovis, CA

Stephen Kazan (2) Worchester, MA

Mark Coville Vancouver, WA "No problems, went in fine"

William West, Milton, PA "Looks really neat, I like it"

Gary Gerding Omaha, NE

Joe Moskowitz, Larchmont, NY "I bought the $135 version. It looks great! You always sell me parts at good prices and never try to push anything on me. I might not even have it covered." Dean: "If you end up not liking the hard shell pebble finish, you do have the option (to cover) the dash. Many trim shops are capable of this and it is not an uncommon practice for them to do this."

Mike Paixo Sunnyvale, CA

Paul North Hollywood, CA

Russel Roach Dallas, TX

Shant Saroukhanian Royal Oak, MI

Dennis Price West Bloomfield, MI "Looks fine!"

Troy Thacker Too Intense Restoration Tustin, CA"I put in the foam and vinyl version and it went in real easy, and it looks great."

Daval Automotive Kitimat, B.C"Quite happy?looks original!"

Russel Scarritt (2) Pensacola, FL"Like it, like it VERY much, easy to install, everything is marked properly."

William M. Coyne Gosher, CTNo problems, fits very nicely.Everything lines up."

Mike Hudson Grandview, MO

Jim Bain Glendale, AZ

Paul Johnson Danville, CA"Looks pretty good, looks like it requires some work to install it. Dean: "Yes, Paul it does require work, but there?s a wonderful photo instruction sheet included and you won?t have to do any of the pushing and shoving to get things to line up."

Mike Lenz L.A., CA

Bob Haug Moscow, ID

Murry G. Hill Portland, OR

John Larsen Sparks, NV

Ronnie L.A., CA

Wenden Baldwin LA, CA "I'm happy with it. Looks really good!"

Harry Yamashita L.A., CA

John Doggan Palo Alto, CA

Douglas Braye Martinez, CA "Looks Good!"

Sandy Porter Salina, CA

Don Westerman Sioux Falls, SD

Daniel L.A., CA

Jeremy Satterfield Goose Creek, SC "I was impressed with it?pretty close to original, I got the economy version and it?s a lot better than I thought it would be."

Brian Bartley Wetunpka, AL

Jesus Riera Milwaukee, OR

Bill Putmam Jr. Hyannis Port, MA "No problems. Everything looks great! Delighted to find you! Thank you for being there."

Mark M. Henry Little Rock, AR

Jorge Vasquez Oceanside, CA

Brian Namikawa Sacramento, CA

Conley Phillips Cottage Grove, OR

Jason Roosa Puyallup,WA " It was very easy to put in. Looks great! Instructions were clear...Very pleased !"

Anonymous So. Calif. "I bought one of the other dashs that is made here in the L.A. area for one of my early cars and it fit reasonably well. I just thought I'd come up and see what you have for my other early car, my 65 .... I have to say that your dash actually fit & looks nicer, was nearly identical in construction and 100 bucks less. People need to know this . As I said in my letter please.....please.....do not put my name on this as I still buy parts from the other guy and I don't want to be cut off by him..... "Dean: Hmmm..... Black listing! I thought that went out with Mc Carthyism. I will respect your request..... I'm glad your satisfied, we have worked real hard to make a good product. When you go to meets, as I know you do , I hope that you can somehow spread the word about our dashes."

James J Blevins, Crumpler, NC "Bought one before and it worked out well.....so I'm back for another for my 65"

John Frampton, Huntington Beach, CA

Jason Hawkins, McKinney, TX

Sandra Lutz, Fontana, CA

Richard Emery, Las Vegas, NV

Frank Agge, Pleasanton, TX

Steven Gettys, Ellenboro, N.C

Joe Boyette, Raleigh, N.C.

Daniel Ackerson, Seneca, MO

David Handel, Guerneville, CA

Steve Olsen, S. Nohomish, WA

Lou Smaldino, Fresno, CA

Mark Bangert, Washington,MO

Jim Grimes, LA, CA

Andy R. Moodie Weaverville, CA

Stian Olsen krokstadelva, Norway

John J. Lowry Olathe, KS.

Lou smaldino Fresno, CA. Custom Color

Debbie Papineau Aaron, KY.

Tim Bernard Valdese, NC.

Craig Keefer Corning, NY

Jared Parkinson Salt Lake City, UT

Jack Runyan San Bernadino, CA

Nina S. Drumm Petuluma, CA

Fred Engelbardt Oakley,CA

Kawasaki Boeki Inc. 3 units Torrance, CA

Guy Wilson Watertown, TN

David Cussom Bonita Springs, FL, "It fit really nice.....sharp looking car now!"

Motokazu Aritu Tokyo, Japan

Erminda Soriano San Diego, CA

David Willard SantaRosa,CA

Brian R. Hutchinson Seattle, WA

Shepard Tucker Wilsonville, OR

E.A. Wallace Mountainview, AR

Marty Lind

Schraders Speed shop Azuza, Ca.

Craig H. Torrance, Ca.

Richard Chapnell Farmington, N.Y.

Bill Park's Paint & Body Oklahoma City, OK

George Collathin Jr. Dillonvale, OH.

Les Stern Denver, Co.

Jay Johnon Evergreen, CO.

Tina Robertson Martinsburg, VA.

Jamie Key Winston Salem, N.C. "Great Dash..Instructions clear..very professional!"

Gus Mauri Costa Mesa, Ca.

Craig Kratzberg Los Angeles, Ca.

Robert Wright Los Angeles, Ca

Daniel Gates Salem, Or.

Eric Messersmith Miami, Fl.

Julio Serna Los Angeles, Ca.

Tomas Rodriguez Fresno. Ca.

Dave Almazon Modesto, Ca.

George Victor Monroy Pleasanton, Ca.

Jorge Rodriguez West Covina, Ca.

Gabriel Lourdes Pasadena, Ca.

Michael Spreadbury Corvaslis, Or.

Zachary Minick South San Francisco, Ca.

David Alcaris Castaic, Ca.

Jim Kropf Torrance, Ca.

John Fredrichs Rochester, Mn.

Jason Kirby Aurora, Co.

Sharon M. Cox Lakeland, Fl.

Charles J. Kuhn Gurney, IL.

Joseph P. Marchant Albuquerque, N.M.

Stian Olsen - 2 - Linden, N.J.

Michael Garnier American Canyon, Ca.

W.E. Harshman Upland, Ca.

Brian Stern Philadelphia, PA.

Claude Willner Windsor, Ca.

Eric Yi Chen Forest City, Ia.

David D'andrea Costa mesa, Ca.

Steve D. Fegan Asheville, N.C.

Roger Mc Cormick Port Jervis, N.Y.

Carol Strait Cheryhill, N.J.

Randy Seybold Kansas City, Ks.

John Lertzman Westlake, Ca.

Sanford Siegel Sugarland, Tx

Greg Peason Brookings, S.D.

Roberto Di Franco Bethesea, Md.

Dean Boehler Norwood, Co.

Stephen Firman Alberta, Canada

Rick Grumbrecht Lilitz, Pa.

Greg Burrows Bonnie lake, Wa.

Jesse Brink Venice, Ca.

Malcolm Washburn Buxton, Me.

William Drake Indianapolis, In.