Customer / Manufacturer Quotes about Datsun Parts

Hi Dean, My package arrived today, thank you very much for all your assistance.
- - Andrew Gloudemans / Tasmania, Australia

Hello Dean, thanks for asking. Everthing is wonderful, i am very satisfied with the parts.
- - Michael Rober / Seebruck, Germany

Dean, Of all the vendors I have found you to be the most helpful and always looking out for me and my time consuming venture into the world of car restoration. my most recent order for a timing set for the 2000 was complete and the gears were wonderful aerospace quality, even had lot numbers on them! Thanks again,
- - Joey Delahanty / Columbus, Oh.

Hello Dean, Thank you for inquiring about my order back in March. My order arrived on the 29th of March, everything was in good shape, well packed as usual. The parts were of excellent quality. I did send an email when the parts arrived, maybe you did not receive it. Thank you for the great service as always.
- - Bob Garrett / New Castle, Australia

Hi Dean Yes I thought they were great I haven’t fitted them in yet I have to order a few more parts off of you first. There was one thing about the order I was going to ask you the large piece of vinyl with the foam backing is that for the inside of the soft top. And just waiting for the first of the month to order a few more park from you. Thank you for all your help.
- - Mark Wood / Melbourne, Australia

All went well. Parts where great Thanks Dean,
- - David Boardman/Rosedale, Australia

Hi Dean All parts fitted perfectly, making a list for next order Thank you for all your help and advice.
- - Ignazio Corsaro / Torrensville, Australia

The parts were ok. I will add again.
- - Shinya Yamamoto / Aichi, Japan

Hi Dean I brought the package along to a club meet and there were big smiles all around when we saw the quality of the rubber bits. The parts are going onto 3 or 4 different cars within the club. People over here expect the final cost in AUD being a factor of 3 or more times the listed USD prices (accounting for bank fees, shipping, exchange rate, customs fee, customs duty, and our 10%GST). This time the factor was a little under 2. I'll recommend to people that buying in bulk from you is good value and relatively easy now that we've worked out that money transfer procedure. I have one little criticism... on your website description of the reversing light lens, it says "Reverse lamp lens CLEAR. Has Koito OE numbers in the glass" I had my fingers crossed hoping it was glass, but it was plastic. I sort of knew there would be no reproduction glass, but I think you should edit that text. Hope you're managing to fit some 'semi retirement' into your life. It seems with covid and travel restrictions, every second person wants to do a resto. Small and critical businesses like you and Lou Mondello end up in the cross-hairs too often - and facebook is perfect for the snipers. You guys go above and beyond helping people out - plenty of evidence of that. So the masses aren't going to vote you 'world best practice in customer relations' - you can't afford to offer that on a large scale - and you shouldn't have to. I think your 300 order cap was a good move. Social media will always attract people trying to take others down and that was a bit of a trend over here recently. Those who were criticised didn't respond and I think that was also a good move :) We just went into snap lockdown again here in Melbourne after 90+ days of zero covid cases or deaths. Business is booming all around and a bit of a break would be nice! Stay healthy and sane and thanks again Dean.
- - Gary Walsh / Heathmont, Australia

Hello, Sorry, I should have written to you to tell you everything has arrived. Thank you very much Christian
- - Christain Schauff / Eupen, Belgium

Hello Dean, Parts arrived here in good condition and my client is very happy that the knocking and general vague-ness is now resolved. Thank you very much! Pleasure doing business! Greetings, Carlos
- - Carlos Leyn / Moorslede, Belgium

Everything was great with the parts Dean. Already in Costa Rica and properly installed in the car. Thank you very much. Regards, Pablo
- - Pablo Labarca Perez / Costa Rica

Hi Dean, parts and service were all up to the standard exceptional service thank you. Have a small order I will submit tomorrow when the orders open up again. Regards Sean.
- - Sean Halloran / Lota, Australia

Received the mirrors, look great I will install this weekend. Bob Volz
- - Robert Volz, Jr. / Ridgefield, Wa.

Hope all is well on your end. I got the Datsun motor built and have about 300 brake in miles on it, very much appreciate your assistance on parts. Kurt
- - Kurt Spencer / Reno, NV.

Hi Dean, Yep fast! the £71.46 customs charge is a killer but that's the way it is hopefully we will have a better trade deal with the US eventually! Your parts look really high quality am always impressed hoping to get my engine mated up to a 240z 5 speed box so will be interesting hence the 5 speed logo. Al
- - Alistair Preston / Somerset, UK

Hey Dean Thanks for the parts. I’ve got the whole brake system in. That was a pain in the ass. But I leaned some stuff. You should have the radiator, caps and brake shoes. Thanks again Dean. I love the kits. Gallagher
- - Steve Gallagher / Boise, ID.

Thanks for prompt delivery of more parts that are very difficult to come by any where else! Tom Cowell.
- - Tom Cowell / Casper, Wyoming

Dean, Thank you so much for keeping the Datsun roadster alive. It’s great having a huge part selections. You’ve gone way above sourcing your parts. Not buying inferior products to sell. No Chinese junk. For example. Sourcing timing gears from an aerospace manufacturer speaks volume to your commitment of quality parts. And it’s actually less expensive from you rather than your competitors. And the kits you put together. That makes it so much easier. All I have to do is select the correct kit and all of the parts are there. I don’t have to go through and select many different pieces to make a kit. I have bought several of Dean’s kits. And will buy more. In the customer service I have received from Dean has been exemplary. Thanks Dean, Steve Gallagher
- - Steve Gallagher / Boise, ID.

Oh wow Jim said that? It's always sad to see stuff like that. Jim Tyler makes some very nice quality parts. He should focus his energy on promoting the quality of his own parts, and not waste his time trying to poison people against other parts vendors. Dave Rebello has the same issue as you. My friend was having Rebello build his engine, and had to tell someone he buys parts from to quit his negative talk about Dave, or he would stop buying parts from him, or even talking to him. As I said before, if you do something long enough, and are successful at it, there will always be haters who feel the need to badmouth you. Best thing you can do is take the high road, and keep providing great parts and service. Just remember that for every 1 person that's out there complaining about you, there are 99 of us that are sincerely thankful that you're providing thousands of parts to keep our cars driving and looking good.
- - John Connor / Hayward, Ca.

Hello Dean, My order arrived today the 29th. Everything was in good shape, well packed as usual. Thank you for the great service as always.
- - Bob Garrett /New Castle, Australia

Hello Dean Goods arrived today. Thank you very much. I will order again. Thank you.
- - Koji Fujinami / Shizuoka City, Japan

Hey Dean, i recieved your package on wednesday, less then 1 week. Respect! It all looks very good. Thank you for your great service
- - Mike / Chiemsee, Overbavaria, Germany

Thank you for expediting the shipment of the extra thick head gasket that I forgot to order in my last bug order. I appreciated it!
Scott Hulbert / White Salmon, WA.

Hi Dean. My shipment of seat foam and panel clips arrived on the 10th via FedEx. All looks fine. Thanks again for your excellent service. Don
- - Don Deibel / New Foundland

Hey Dean, I just got back to Boise a couple of days ago. I?m really impressed by the quality of the parts. As an example the sway bar and the front springs are amazing.
- - Steve Gallagher / Boise, ID.

I am just getting to the point of putting a lot of rubber and misc. small parts from you. Everything is going on smoothly and as it should. Certainly nice to have all the options that you have. Just thought I would give you the positive feedback. I just put on a vent stopper. I am not sure anybody else carries it. Remember 100 percent means 100 percent. Chris
- - Chris Linhardt / Edmonds, Wa.

Dean My order arrived today. 6 days US to my AU door ! Thankyou for your excellent service. Very happy with the quality of the Drag link and steering arms. The other items are equally as good . Thanks again.
- - Lynsay/East Brisbane, Australia

No problem at all. Let me say that I appreciate all of the effort it takes to run a small business and do it as well as you do. The parts you manufacture and supply are always top notch. I have always felt that you and Dennis were always very straightforward in our dealings together. I restored my '66 with parts almost exclusively from your shop. Keep it up! Dean Devincenzi
- - Dean Devincenzi / Ridgefield, Wa.

Hi Dean. Thanks for recommending the new soft top rubber piece it solved the rain dribbling in. Lenore
- - Lenore Wolfe / Port Jervis, N.Y.

I didn't think this big tube header would be an improvement in my stroked out tree stump puller but it did. I also like the short start and the nice gaskets you provided. Now if you can only find me a new soft top frame. Weather is on the way. Allan Allan
- - Allan Spitz/ Jamaica Long Island

Dean is tha man! Receive my order. Complete with instructions. The rear main doesn't drop any oil period end of story. Thank you! Eric S 70 2000
- - Eric Shaner / Portland, Or.

Dean I really like your new header. I can feel the difference in the upper end performance. The throttle response is improved. Bill.
- - Bill Baldwin / Los Angeles, Ca

In response to our new metal Hood Emblem Set: Hi Dean, Yes, VERY nice. Nice metal "heft". Shape and chrome is excellent. Good that you advise using tubing for attaching. Your letters have some small grooves at the base of the posts From hanging for plating? The old metal clips might get pressed down far enough to get caught in the grooves. Excellent reproduction part. Thanks!
- - Ted Heaton

Dean, I wanted to thank you very much for your advice to lean out the carbs. Car starts up like a champ every time time now. All it took was a 1/4 turn. Thank you very much!! Great advice.
- - Vikram Natarajan / Marlboro, N.J.

Your dedication, care, and knowledge about all the aspects of the car, the hard bits and the soft, emotional attachment/infatuation bits 'you get it all and treat your customers with respect and care and dignity and generosity (such as your previous email to me about cable adjustment') that always helps breed enthusiasm for both the cars and doing business with you. I love your dedication and devotion to getting things done right-even if that means you have to get a part manufactured yourself, and again, the care you take in making sure your products meet and exceed original use and functionality is rare, and I am pleased to have found my way to your door to discover it. I don't know if there is another roadster in my future, and this car hasn't played out the way I would have hoped when I bought into it, but really, again, working with you on treating it right has become the brightest and most pleasant aspect of it, and seems very likely to be the great, unexpected, lesson I will take away from it. Assuming of course I can get it sold-I say with a wry smile. Going to go reply to the cable adjust email you sent just now. I just want to say that really, one of the greatest pleasures of having this car has been working on it with you, your knowledge, your anticipation of what will be needed to do the job right, your dedication to getting things made, making up kits that make sense, that cover all the bases, that are reasonably priced and make it easy to succeed, has just been fantastic. I love the fact I can go to my garage and open a box from you and just discover so much done so well, so thank you so much for being one of the best parts of my roadster journey, it's a joy to work with someone who is a master at what they do. All my best, N.
- - Nic Close / Minneapolis, Mn.

Thanks Dean. You guys are doing great. Keep it up. We roadster people appreciate your dedication. Don
- - Don Deibel / Newfoundland

Hi Dean, I am sending the core idler box back to you today, July 13. Thank you for great, high-quality parts and good communication. Karl
- - Karl Payne / Gilbert, AZ.

Dean, Thank you for helping me reach out to Kevin. As it turned out I was able to locate one here about an hour away with Craig Halsted, who I met with and purchased from on Saturday morning. Thank you for your assistance in this as I get my '68 1600 back in top shape!! All the Best.
- - Paul Siegrest

Thanks for shipping my order promptly. Per Bill Harvey, all parts arrived, nothing missing, and he is quite pleased with the quality. Thanks again, Bob Hughes
- - Bob Hughes / Longwood, Fl.

Really appreciate your business . . . your attention to details on parts . . . the effort you put in to everything to make is easier for folks to get what they need. I'm sure you deal with all kinds of people . . . and I'm sure some make it very challenging. Submitting my order now
- - Paul Hastings / Brownsbrou, AL.

Sounds great. Your reputation is excellent , btw. I'll call tomorrow by noon. Dumb question, but how do I check the engine size. It's a 1968, 1600. Thank you so much.
- - Mark Talamantes

Ordered parts last Wednesday - Amazingly received them this afternoon the govt. needs you to disperse medical supplies to the hospitals ! Thanks again.
- - Larry Buckowsky / Waxhaw, NC

Thanks, Dean. Just got everything in the mail and can't wait to get it all on the car. Appreciate the help as always, and hope you're doing well. Cheers!
- - Lyn Woodward/Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Dean Got your message. I missed that part you suggested adding. but there is a reason I like buying from you, got my back Thanks Stay healthy PS I am restoring(2) 69 2000s and having a blast..more to come Steve
- - Stve Dente / Londonderry, NH

I don't know how often you get a big thank you, but thanks. Ordered wed. of last week and would have had your stuff today if it wasn't for a lazy fed ex driver who left me a note on my door saying he missed me. I was home and had no idea he was here. That aside, I appreciate the quick service and look forward to tomorrow when I can enjoy the parts from you. thank you again, I will be placing another order very soon!

- - Scott Lindley / Bozeman, MT.

Hi Dean, quick note to let you know that my shipment arrived today - that was very fast. FedEx did a great job, and thank you for putting the order together so quickly.
- - Jack Mac Donnell / Ontario, Canada

The parts arrived over the weekend. Excellent service, thank you! I met with Doug today (who is doing the work on my Roadster) and there are some additional parts we know we need.
- - Alastair Winner / Magnolia, Tx.

They showed up today! 4 days to go across the country. Not bad FedEx. Awesomeeeee! Shiny! Can't wait to see them on the car. Thanks again! toby
- - Toby Mansfield / Newfane, N.Y.

Hi Dean, Last Tuesday we received your spare parts, keep in touch with us for anything you can need, you can be sure that we will do the same, Thank you very much!
- - Miquel Martinez, Gas NDS Garage, Classic Cars Consulting Services / Barcelona, Spain

Thank you for the timely response and shipment ! As always, my ordered arrived 100% accurate and neatly packaged. Thank you for your attention to detail and customer service. Trent.
- - Trent Harris / Chico, Ca.

The smile on my face is ear to ear, so I am told. It is great to truly get it back on the road after over 40 years. There are more things that I need to deal with and parts I need to order so I will be in touch shortly. Thanks again once more for all you have done. Joe
- - Joe Machesky / Ormond Beach, Fl.

Dear Dean just to let you know that your two parcels have arrived alive and well tonight and that my friend Walter is delighted to have received all parts. Thank you so much, there will be more exchange in the not too distant future. Best wishes Georg
- - Georg Grote / Vols Am Schern, Italy

Dean...Order picked up last week - safe and sound..:)..Bearings going on this weekend starting to build Xmass list now..- $ 40 credit will get used up Appreciate the quick shipment. Thank you!
- - Michael Chutney / Oroville, Wa.

Dean, Thanks again for all you do! I should getting parts tomorrow. Thanks again, John
- - John Hussung / Nashville, Tn.

Hi, Dean! The engine rebuild kit was great. My engine builder was impressed and all is good.
- - Dave Rowe / Grants Pass, OR

Thanks for all you do! 
- - Toby Mansfield / Newfane, Ny.

Hi Dean, I received my new Robbins soft top last week and the quality looks fantastic!!
- - Alan Bartz / Santa Cruz, Ca.

Hi Dean, Got the drums, they look great. Thanks for the fast shipping, Mike
- - Mike Ewasko / Burbank, Ca.

Ordered a boot and the seat cushion foam for late cars about a month ago. I had them both professionally installed. They are both outstanding. The installation shop told me that the seat foam was high density high quality and would last longer than my car. It's very firm and comfortable when driving; on a several hundred mile trip, remained comfortable. The boot looks great and fits well and tight. I especially like that it fits the vertical snap pattern down the B pillars-- that really keeps it tight. I've attached some pictures of my newly improved 70 2000. Thanks, David
- - David Niess / Shoreline, Wa.

Dean, the oil guage line fit perfectly, nice construction. I wish I had ordered the distributor parts at the same time. Thanks again Pat
- - Pat Collins

Dean, The parts arrived yesterday. I have not had a chance to look at them but wanted to thank you for the delivery. Thanks!
- - Brian Petershagen / Buford, Ga.

Dean Both orders are arriving today Thanks for the quick turnaround! Dan
- - Dan Williams / Alburgh, Vt.

In my possession; once again, excellent service and product Thanks again Damian Hall
- - Damian Hall / Nova Scotia, Canada

Thanks so much Dean the floats and gaskets arrived just fine really appreciate the mouse pad my mechanic wanted one. I threw away all my others absolutely love it.
- - Sean Stephens / Northern, Ca.

RE 311' post: Dean, I see the post attacking you was taken down by the moderators. Forget about it. You make great parts and I am glad you are out there doing so. I can't figure what provoked the attack based on your post, but I think it was completely uncalled for, and was a bunch of BS. Keep doing what you're doing for the Roadster community!
- - D, D / West Coast

Hey Dean I just received the weatherstripping and it looks fantastic ! No glue remover but I don?t need that as my old windshield didn?t have it on it when I removed it.....I have a friend who installs / repairs windshields so I will have him help me. Great product, great service ! Thanks again, will purchase more as the car is being completed Rick
- - Richard Kingsbury / Boulder Creek, Ca.

Dean, Thanks so much for getting me the oil pump so quickly. I hope you, your family, and your team have a great holiday! Best, Joe Craven
- - Joe Craven / Greenwood Village, CO

Got the parts next day. Repairs made Wed. and Thurs.. Ready to roadster this weekend. Thanks for the help.
- - Glen / Fort Worth, Texas

Received the parts yesterday and got installed . Worked great!! Thanks again
- - Bob Bright / Dana Point, Ca.

Gentlemen, My complete interior kit was at my home by 1:30 local time (Atlantic) on Monday, November 5th. Other then Canadian tax, which I expected, the only other extra was some kind of 'ROD' of $11.50 that FedEx seemed to feel it needed to add. Just a thank you for your clear communication, your patience and your assistance in getting this kit to Eastern Canada. There will be some busy weekends and evenings over the winter Will no doubt be purchasing more Best regards Damian
- - Damian Hall / Nova Scotia, Canada

Dear Dean, Congratulations on your 30 years in business. Thank you for you continued support of the roadster community, particularly those of us in foreign lands. Cheers, Ken
- - Ken Smart / Sydney, Australia

Dean, Just a quick update... your new alternator is in and working great.. thank you! Ron
- - Ron Ayoub / Wellingford, CT

Hi Dennis, I received the shipment today and all parts in perfect condition - thank you for packing it so well and for getting it out to me. I will reach out again in the near future with another order. Thank you again!
- - Jack MacDonnell / Walkerton, Ontario, Canada

Dear Dennis, thank you very much, the package has arrived. Best regards.
- - Thomas Musmann / Duesseldorf, Germany

Really appreciate the team's help through all of this! y'all are great!!!
- - Joe Craven / Greenwood Village, CO

Dean, Attached are a few recent photos of my 1966 roadster. Most of all of my restoration parts, I bought from you, so thank you for your continued service to the roadster community! Finally got the fuel injection installed and working great on my car. Bill Harvey in Lakeland did the outstanding work. Have a great day! 
- - Jeff Spotswood / Babson Park, FL.

Gents...Mission successful. I picked up the parcel 3 pm and no hassles with the border. Thanks very much. Appreciate the quick response. All good. Next comm in the fall for some interior With Appreciation....
- - Michael Chutny / Oroville, WA

Dean, Finished it up and looks great. The springs make the car look fantastic and the sway bar is just beautiful. Thanks!
- - Vik Natarajan / Marlboro, NJ

Hi, I received the parts! I also checked the parts. Packaging was also very polite and I felt happy. SOFT TOP CLIP SET was a wonderful part. Thank you very much for making me a very polite correspondence this time. 
- - Hidemi Tsumura / Fukuoka-Shi, Japan

It has taken Dean years to make the sprockets for the U20 motor. Got a set and they are an improvement over the other after market ones I've bought in the past. Wish he had made it sooner...I'm paying less now than I did 10 years ago for better stuff. Good job! Dave
- - David Crane / Pittsfield, New York

Hello Dean & Dennis, I wanted to thank you guys for the fast and good service you give. We received the parts Tuesday and everything looks nice. If we need something else, we?ll return to you.
- - Mike Vanderstraeten / Belgium

I received my parts I ordered a few weeks ago, could not believe how quick you got them shipped out. Great job.
- - Bob Gebhart / Vancouver, Washington

Hello Dennis and Dean, the box safely arrived here. Our friend is happy with his windshield, the glass is complete and without cracks. The toll and fed ex were great, everything worked without problems. great thanks a lot Achim and Birgit
- - Achim and Birgit Offel / Herzebrock-Clarholz,Germany

Hello We received datsun parts my ordered today. Thank you for your prompt shipment delivery.
- - Masashi Sugiura / Aichi, Japan

Hi, I recently ordered a bunch of parts from you and got the roadster running and drivable. The parts I received were all very good quality and the service was top notch.
- - Dante Harmony / Tucson, AZ.

Dennis & Dean We have received our shipment today and everything looks good. Thank you for the mouse pad & magnet. We really appreciated the good service.
- - Rick & Peggy Drinkwater / Kamloops, B.C, Canada

Dennis and Dean, The high quality of the dash cover and weatherstripping kit I purchased is second to none. Not only are the parts perfect fits, the detailed instructions you include make the installation easy and carefree. Keep up the good work on your reproduction parts. In every instance they are of higher quality than OEM parts. You've obviously spent a lot of time on the R and D!!! Thank you!
- - Donnie Edmonds / Los Angeles, Ca.

Dean, We received the parts last week, the header is absolutely awesome. The quality is outstanding and the welds are simply beautiful, we are thrilled that you maintain factory Nissan quality parts for such a vintage car. Thank you for all you do, you will definitely be hearing from us again soon. Thank you!
- - Dylan Bunzick / Deltona, Fl.

Thank you guys for the great service and products, this is my second roadster after the first was totaled by another driver , neither car would have looked as good, run as good without the products you sell as well as the knowledge you guys share. Having been in the automotive industry as a tech , service manager and now currently heading up the Parts Dept?s for multiple locations at one the top yacht dealers in the country . I appreciate the value in service you guys supply and the passion for providing parts that are of high quality and ,or if not improved over OEM components with accurate and comprehensive descriptions. I know there are other sources that (sometimes) have lower prices, or offer less expensive products but quality and customer service are what will always drive my purchase decisions. It?s why you guys are my first choice when looking and purchasing roadster parts !!
- - Eric Stammmer / Anna Maria, Fl.

Hi Dean: Thanks for sending the ""fuel tank sending unit" ...... It was received here today Thursday, October 12, 2017through UPS in good condition. Thanks for the good service!!
- - Fred Davidson / Kemptville, Canada

Dean, we received the box. Everything was great. Thanks for that. We will in some weeks make another order for the interior . Thanks again. Wish you a great day.
- - Javier Gorga / Uruguay

Thank you and all the folks that make the parts and pieces for these little cars. This particular car was my wife first car and we have had it for over forty years.
- - Keith Bullock / Washougal, WA.

Thank you--It's gratifying to meet someone dedicated to doing a good job. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. Once again, thank you.
- - Bron Gailey / Meridian, Id

Dean, Dennis, the parts came while I was gone getting parts for another project I'm working on; it was nice not to have to wait around for FedEx. On the other hand, it's very nice that they are here. I thank you for your usual prompt and efficient service. Stan
- - Stan Wilkins / Flagstaff, Az.

Dean, Windshield arrived intact. Thanks for the extras. Great packaging. Smart move on your part. Happy customer on my part. FedEx should be happy too, whether they realize that or not.
- - Greg Morrison / Spokane, Wa.

Many thanks. You're a great help!
- - Steve Samson / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Got my brake parts order, thanks Dean for the info on what I needed
- - Jesse Elizondo / Junction City, OR

Thank you! I received my tracking number and I should get the parts Saturday and will be driving it again Monday!
- - Trenton Harris / Chico, Ca.

Hi Dean Parts have arrived. Thanks again for this perfect service. It is always a pleasure to do business with you.
- - Gregory Boss / Switzerland

Your the best ! Cheers, Evert
- - Evert Witteveen / Laguna Beach, Ca

Hello The items arrived safely. I am fully satisfied with it. I will order another one in the future. Thank you.
- - Masashi Sugiera / Aichi, Japan

Dean, I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the quick shipment of the timing components. I'm still in the process of putting the car back together, but your quick action allowed me to finally start on the reassembly. Thank you, I look forward to ordering more parts from you in the future.
- - Danny Gedgafo / Malibu, Ca.

Hello Dean, got the Parts today!!!! That brake master cylinder is brand new old stock???? Looks awesome! Thank you for your attention to everything.
- - Amy Schugar / Phoenix, Az

Thank you for the pump it fit perfect and I was able to take my car on the road.
- - Hugo Ruiz / Brentwoob, Long Island

Thanks Dean my parts arrived last nite...all good & looking nice.
- - Paul Highes / Australia

I received the parts today ! Thank you very much I will use you again perfect service !
- - Johnny Armatas / Winnipeg, Canada

thank you guys again , you?re the best !!
- - Eric Stammer / Sarasota, FL

Parts arrived safely today without any issues. Thanks for the care to safely pack everything!
- - Will Kingstone / Kenmore, WA

Hi, thank you for the great customer service. You returned my phone call and listened to my needs...fantastic customer service! My missing weatherstripping arrived on Monday! I very much appreciate this type of customer loyalty.
- - Albert Perez

Dennis, Just wanted to thank you again for your efforts. Wheel arrived in great shape, it cleaned up well and is an exact match to the other four. Mounted up the spare on it today and am doing the remaining preps for a cross-country trip in the Roadster with confidence!
- - Ron Chase / California

Thanks for the hard work to keep these beauties on the road, my uncle had this car sitting around since before I was born, and around nine I made up my mind I would someday own it, and this week I made good on my promise. Thanks again!
- - Christopher Frederking / Smartsville, CA

Dear Dean, I recived the parts this morning. Thank you and have a nice day.
- - Jean Luc Milard / France

I have my car on the road again thanks in a large parts to!! I am very thankful, it means so much to me.
- - Trenton Harris / Chico, CA

The parts arrived today. They look good; I'm looking forward to getting the dash cap installed. Thank you for getting these things to me quickly.
- - Stan Wilkins

Hi All! The electronic distributor works AWESOME! thanks so very much
- - Toby Mansfield / Newfane, N.Y.

Hi Dean, Congratulations on the nice mention of you and your business in the Sports and Exotic car magazine this month. Keep you the good work!!! We appreciate you, your business and your service. God bless you...
- - Sandy Beausang / Shingle Springs, Ca.

Dennis, I received the water pump yesterday, drove the car to work today (it's my daily driver). Thank you for expediting!
- - Charles Lenz / Rossmoor, CA.

As discussed, here is the car being restored. Taking shape. Running like a new one. Thank you guys.
- - Nicolas Guillaume / France

"A guy named Dean Apostle runs the place ( I don't know if you could do one of these cars without what he does.
- - Paul Garnish / Williams Town, Ma.

I have changed the pads before but never messed with the calipers. For this exact reason I took pictures and did 1 caliper at a time so I know that I did put them back exactly as they were. Apparently somewhere in this car's history (prior to 1989) these calipers were put in incorrectly. Thank you for pointing that out. I had a hunch something like this was the issue. Thank you for noticing that. They have been like this for over 50K miles. It appears to be OK for the time being, but I will probably switch them to the proper configuration later in the Fall.
- - Allen Toschi / Modesto, Ca.

I just received my order; everything looks great. I appreciate the fast service.
- - Charles Colletti / La Jolla, Ca.

Dean, my last order was perfect-thanks.
- - Darwin C Hastings III / Lewisville, NC

Hi Dennis: Just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of the new wheels. They look awesome!
- - Skip Pressman / Waltnut Creek, Ca.

Thank you for your help and assistance with my orders. However it is what it is, and you have the good stuff for our Sporties so no complaints from me.
- - Sydney Carr / Australia

Thank you guys soooo much. great service :-)
- - Humberto Ortiz / Berkeley, Ca.

Wow, you guys are the best! Thank You
- - Aidan Dawn / Santa Cruz, Ca.

Dennis Many Thanks - the parts arrived today, all present and correct.
- - Paul Tickner / Surrey, UK

Hey Dean, Thanks to sent all orders in perfect condition.
- - Dirk Thooft

Thank you Dennis. I just got the products today. I'm so excited now I got new projects!
- - Tomoya Seino

Hello. A product arrived today. Thank you very much! Best regards Fairlady Restoration Koji Fujinami
- - Koji Fujinami / Shizuoka City, Japan

Dean or whomever, I received from you a new Datsun Roadster Dual Master Cylinder ? Works great, thanks!
- - Mark Eby

Thank you for the Mikuni parts. Thanks again!
- - Mike Malone / Marina Ca.

Thanks Dean & Dennis ,all my parts arrived safe & sound yesterday afternoon.All good!!! I sent an email thru my phone yesterday but just checked on the laptop & it was blank! Thanks again & I will need more parts in the future.
- - Paul G / Australia

My carpet kit looks amazing and the fit was outstanding. I am putting my heater back into my car and need a few bits and pieces? in this order. Thanks
- - Stephen Damico / League City, TX.

I really appreciate all the time you guys have spent helping me order what I need to get my Fairlady back on the road!
- - Aidan Dawn

Hi Dean & Dennis, Thank you for the professionalism and exceptional customer service today. I really appreciated you letting me stop by to take care of the parts purchase. I know you don't extend that to all your customers. I'm very happy with all the products you offer and know you gone the extra mile to make sure I have the right parts.I look forward to stopping by in the future with my 1969 to show you how nice it's turning out. Thanks Again.
- - Mark Van Rensselaer / Burbank, Ca.

Hello Again, I just listened to a voice message from Dennis? He advised me that I may have received Sun Visors for the incorrect year back when I had purchased my interior kit and some other stuff. I still have them and I haven't installed yet. There still in the original package they came in with the instructions for installation. Thanks for noticing that. I would never have never known there was any difference. You saved me the disappointment when I finally got to it. Now That's! customer service. I've just got my dash back in and hooking up all the gauges and cables. The dash cover worked out awesome. Your really need to remove it to do it right. to get it to fit right and properly attached without making a mess of it. Next will be the new wind shield you sold me. Then I can do the sun visors. I will send them back with the heater control valve. I won't be able to ship until Saturday. I'm in no hurry as I'm not even close to doing that install. I have much more to do before I get there. So far all the interior kit is working out great. I.m very happy with it. old stuff from the DA prior to body and Paint. I found some vinyl that comes really close to the material in the kit. They turned out great.
- - Mark

Dean, your company is wonderful. And special thanks for refurbishing my parts not available any more. This is a great service for us roadster owners.
- - Angee Beckett

Thanks Dennis. I can't believe you guys got everything done so quickly! Fantastic! It seems like dealing with you folks is back like it was in the 'good old days' of 3-4 years ago, after a kind of rough patch over the last year or two. I hope these positive changes are here to stay. I guess the underlying problem is the shipping companies. You guys are back to my #1 supplier. Thanks again.
- - Don Deibel

Hello Dean The parts are arrived. All perfect! Thank you! I wish you a happy new year. Greatings Sandra Christ
- - Sandra Christ / Switzerland

Hi Dean, Tom and I were just talking about you and your great service... so thought we would wish you a Merry Christmas to you, your family and your staff and many Blessing in the New Year. God bless you, your family, staff and your business.... Keep up the good work.
- - Sandy Bausang / Shingle Springs, CA

You guys rock, I got it yesterday. Thanks so much!
- - John Allard Jr (Allard Collision) / Chandler, AZ

Keep up the great work you do over there to keep out lovely Sporties on the road. I am currently restoring a 67 ? 2000 to go along with my ?68 2000. Cheers and thanks, Syd.
- - Sydney Carr / Australia

I was very pleased with the brake drums I got from you recently. Cheers.
- - Fred Saunders / Sand City, Ca.

Thanks, order arrived today. Just thought it was worthy of mention that the great job of packing I've come to expect as usual did not disappoint! I appreciate the extra care you take to ensure that delicate parts like the aluminum sill kits arrive in perfect condition. Much appreciated from a satisfied customer!
- - Bruce Crump

Awesome Dennis, thanks for the super-quick shipping!
- - Dirk Stoop

Hi Dennis The Parts have arrived. Great Thanks for your support.
- - Gregory Boss / Lugnorre, Switzerland

Hi Dennis. Received the interior kit today and wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery and the good quality of the product. Cheers.
- - Fred Saunders / Sand City, Ca.

Thank you Gentlemen! As always Dean, I appreciate how you run your business and how you take care of your customers.
- - John Hussung / Nashville, Tn.

Yes, just got it this afternoon. Very quick and everything looks great, thank you!
- - Dana Alan / Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hi Dean Believe it or not my package finally arrived at Batemans Bay today. I opened the box and I am extremely happy with your products. Now to get them on to my Fairlady. Thanks again for your communications and help in getting these items to me.
- - Glenn Felkin, Lenn Felkin / NSW Australia

Hello Dean Just to inform you that i received the parts yesterday. Everything is perfect many thanks.
- - Jerome Domenec / La Coquette, France

Just wanted to thank you for the great service, fast delivery and perfect execution. The wheels look great and perhaps you may see the car at next year's Z car show in Orange.
- - Ruben Torres / Signal Hills, CA

Hi Dennis/Dean Picked up these Pistons/Rings today. Excellent service as always. Have a great weekend.
- - Robert Bruce / Richmond, Canada

Hi Dean, first off, let me commend you on the fit of your 67.5 dash. Very, very nice.
- - Pat Fagan / Pearblossom ,CA

Hi Dean: Nice to meet you and Dennis last Thursday. The shifter knob fit in the car perfectly, but not so well in the truck, so I swapped the one I had in the car into the truck, where it fit well (go figure), so now, two vehicles and two shifter knobs. Yay! My friend will help me to install the hood latch cable so that I can close the hood. Yay again! Then a little soldering to replace some wires, and diagnose the battery overcharging problem and maybe replace the voltage regulator. She'll finally be road worthy! Thanks again for your help!
- - Karen Brown / Madera, Ca.

Hi dean, I just received the ball joints today, and wanted to say thank you. The mouse pad is pretty cool too!
- - Wade Lewis / Austin, Tx.

I installed the new rear springs in the 67.5 that I got from you and the rear ride height is perfect!
- - Ed & Rta Koch / Pennsyvania

Hello Dean, My daughter visited your shop today and got the parts I needed. I would like to commend your assistant who was most helpful to her with both the parts and giving directions so she could get back to her hotel safely. While I'm sure she was safe, she wasn't very happy with the area it being industrial and felt somewhat unsafe telling me somewhat tried to pick her up on the way to Starbucks to call a cab. (Apparently your phones were down). I belong to the Datsun club here in Sydney and they recommended your site. I hope this small sale will help establish a trusting customer/service relationship as I will need to purchase further items for the restoration of my CSP311 and sincerely hope to recommend your shop for its service, parts, friendliness and assistance. Please thank your assistant again Regards - - Mike / Australia

Dean and Dennis, Thank you for the quick processing of my order last week! The parts arrived, installed on Saturday and shaken down, with detailing done to the car Sunday. A great roadster weekend thanks to you guys! Now I'm set for Solvang. Thanks again!
- - Tim Mc Evilly / Sacramento, Ca.

Thanks for the quick shipping Dean - appreciated!
- - John Baker / El Segundo, Ca.

Just a quick note?received parts and had a Saturday afternoon garage date with the Datsun?up and running again perfectly now!
- - Owen Thunes / Sacremento, CA

Hi Dean, Thank you very much for the parts. They arrived quickly and everything looks like a perfect fit. I'm sure I'll be back soon to place another order!
- - Michael Palamara / Northampton, MA

Drums arrived. They look great. Thanks for the mouse pad, makes the shop look like a Datsun shop again!
- - Jeff / Maryland

Just wanted to let you know I received the mirror and commend you on unbelievably fast shipment. Mirror is perfect match to my '73 510. Thanks again!!!
- - Armen Assatourian / Escondido CA

Hello Dean, The order was perfect delivery to my home. Thanks for everything, also for your help. I look forward to the next order. Dirk, Europe
- - Dirk Thorft / Europe

The parts came today and they look great, thanks
- - Mark Zello / Lafayette, IN

You have been a great resources for almost all of the new parts on the car and you probably don't recall as I have ordered them over the course of the last 10 years or so. Currently working on a 2000 engine/5 speed to replace the perfectly fine 1600. I will send you updated photos after I have installed my new windshield and restored windshield frame. Thanks again for the parts and helping us keep our cars on the road....
- - Jeff Spotswood / Babson Park, Fl.

Hey Dean, I just want to let you know that on Saturday I had my comp springs, comp sway bar and the gas shocks put on the 2000. The results were even better than I thought it would be. The look of the car was great and the performance was even better. I took a nice long drive on Sunday and I could not even get over how well the car preformed. I am just blown away. So I would like to say thank you again. Its great doing business with you.
- - Jeff Vrana / Lawndale, Ca.

It's all you Dean. Every piece of glass, every mirror, every gasket etc. is from you. Interior to all rubber parts, couldn't have done it without you. Raining here today, more pics to come. Next big order will be the top. Starter + exhaust also. (any idea where to go for a complete exhaust system?) Thanks again Dean. will be on top of the list on my reader display at this summers auto shows. - - - - Kendall Hartman / Seattle, Wa.

HI I just finished installing the aftermarket door weatherstripping. Aside from a bloody thumb by way of a screwdriver, the weatherstripping job went great. The weatherstripping fits great, looks better than the thick Nissan weatherstripping and the doors shut much more easily. Capping it off with door pillar caps really finishes the look. I omitted the inside aluminum channel trim pieces because I think it looks better without. thank you
- - Vineyard Choy / Vancouver B.C. Canada

Dean, Just wanted to drop you a note and Thank You so MUCH, the Incredible quality of that engine paint is Wonderful, and it made the job so easy. I have to say that it has to be about the very best paint that I have ever worked with, it does Not run or drip, and is a breeze to work with. So along with every other part that you sell, you are batting a 1000 my friend, everything is Wonderful...
- - Jan Sven - Erik Harde / Calabasas

Dean, windshield arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you so much.
- - Kendall Hartman/Seattle, Wa.

Thanks for all you do for the community!! Hope all is going well for you
- - John Lorio / Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hi Dean. My stuff arrived today and everything looks fine. Thanks for your service and advice. I will be in touch again in the future when I need more stuff.
- - Don Deibel / Newfoundland, Canada

Hello Dean, I received the parts today. Thank you for your speed.
- - Alain Steffens / Malmedy, Belgium

Greetings! Thank you so much for my previous order (brake cylinders/shoes) - work perfectly. This is a new order for Part Number 1202 - Starter Mitsubishi Gear Reduction type.
- - Brian Sears / New Market, Md.

Dean, just wanted to let you know that my windshield made it safe and sound. As you know I worked for a major transportation and logistics company for 26 years and was a little concerned that the glass would not arrive in one piece. I was impressed with the quality of the box and packing materials, I know it is not cheap to pack this well but a little extra cost is worth not having the disappointment of broken glass and having to deal with the claims department. Thanks again, David Galipeau
- - David Galipeau/Phoenix, Az.

Dean , you are very efficient for a one man crew...thoght you said it would go out Tuesday! My son said the parts just arrived. Thank you very much for pushing to get those out.
- - Steven Reilly / Manhatton Beach, Ca.

Thanks Dean....your service was great The car is in average condition.....may be buying much more from you when it gets to Australia!!

- - Anthony Bocquet / Australia

Hi Dean, Your windshield got here in one piece and looks fantastic. Thanks for the great price and the free mousepad.
- - Jamea Wiseman / Houston, Tx.

Dear Dean, I just wanted to drop you a note not only to Compliment you, but also to Thank You so very Much. Your customer service, kindness and all around business operation is second to none, you run a tight ship, your prices are fair, your service is Great, and your parts are truly amazing. I am sure that you hear all the time how Greatful someone like myself is that you are around taking the endless time to reproduce these hard to find parts, the fit and finish is Fantastic. My car is coming out Incredible. Slow but steady. I am sure that it sometimes seems like a Thankless job, but you do it so well, and you are such a wealth of information, and always willing to share. Thank You again & Please keep amazing us for years to come.
- - Jan and Cathy Harde / Calabasas, CA.

Hey, Dean. I got the starter. And thanks for the mouse pad - that was a fun little bonus. Best Wishes.
- - John Stromgren / Portsmouth, New Hampshire

This is Yoshi from Melrose, MA. I ordered interior and some parts before. I have SR20DE converted 1968 2000. Thanks for your business. I mostly finish my project and attach a couple of pics to this email. Without your products, I can not make it. Thank you very much!
- - Yoshitaka Baba / Melrose, Ma.

Dean, The distributor looks great! Thanks for getting it here so fast. As usual, you did a fantastic job! Baby will be back on the road tomorrow!
- - Chris Mooney / San Jose, Ca.

PS Thanks for donating the interior kit to the Watkins Glen group. My car with your parts won Best of Show.
- - Ed & Rita Koch / Flemington, New Jersey

Hi Dean Received my orders. Thank you for such quick service. Tim
- - Tim Burgess / New Buryport, Ma.

Dean I received all of my parts today. All in perfect condition. Thank you for the fantastic service. I'll be back for sure! FYI. I brokered it myself. It's easy so maybe you can pass that onto your future Canadian buyers.
- - Sean O'Malia / Winnepeg, Canada

That was crazy quick. Thank you for the great service!! Cheers Sean
- - Sean O'Malia / Winnepeg, Canada

Good morning Dean, I just wanted to say thanks for the part for the 1600. I received them yesterday. That was really fast thanks again. Jeff
- - Jeffrey Vrana / Los Angeles

Hi Dean, I was at your facility last week and picked up a few thing for my 67.5 1600 restoration. It was nice to meet you and I appreciate how helpful you were as I know you are pretty busy. I am impressed with your online catalog and all the information it has, your business shows real pride of ownership. Looking forward to shopping with you and I will contact you next week for some additional items.
- - Wayne Sterling / Los Angeles, Ca.

Perfect! Everything worked great. I am going to go ahead and bite the bullet and get the kit. This will give us some spares to work with and some other rubbers to replace on the 68.
- - Les Gaskins / Stone Mountain, Ga.

Just wanted to write and let you know we got the interior trim installed (by ourselves!) around the windshield of our little roadster and wanted to say to you what great, detailed instructions you wrote for the installation! We are appreciative of the business you have and your stock for people like us wanting to do a project like this. The little red car is in for safety inspection as we speak and hoping all goes well so we can start having fun with her!!
- - Sandra Boothman / Oroville, Wa.

Dean, The parts arrived on Friday. As usual your packing and service is excellent Many Thanks.
- - Noel Finden / Brisbane, Australia

Thank you for your swift order delivery! Everything arrived quickly.
- - Robert Ellis / Nipomo,Ca.

Received package today. They look great. I'll enjoy restoration with these parts! I appreciate your business to provide parts for 311.
- - Yoshitaka Baba / Melrose, Ma.

Received our parts thanks for the good service!!
- - Sandra Boothman / Oroville, Wa.

Dean The two boxes arrived to my house in great condition last night, everything is well.
- - Enno Roellgen / Lenoir, N.C

I received the package. Looks great. Thanks!
- - Shadesh Chand / Hawthorne, Ca.

Wow !Thanks Dean, parts delivered today. See you at the bowling alley in a couple of weeks.
- - Andrew Whiteford / Placentia, CA.

Dean I got the parts , sparkling new!!!!! Thanks!!
- - Jesus Ascencio / Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico

Hey Dean- I picked up my order from the Fed Ex station yesterday (I wasn't around to sign for it Friday). The seat and carpet sets look amazing! The hoses and seals look nice too. Thanks for your help and quick service. Adam
- - Adam Kear / Los Angeles , Ca.

Hey Dean, just wanted to drop a line and express my thanks to you for not only providinging the highest quality parts in a very prompt manner, but also for your time and expertise. As a Datsun enthusiest committed to an off frame restoration it is a pleasure to have a supplier who is able to provide all the parts that have been required to totally rebuilt my 1600 engine, along with all the other cosmetic and suspension parts that have been needed. Will be talking soon. 
- - Kevin Scully / White Plains, N.Y.

Hey Dean, all the parts are here and look great! Thanks for all your help with the restore! I'd like to think I have it all now, but you may hear from me again, I will send you photos when it is all finished thanks, again, eric
- - Eric Lietsky / Alameda, Ca.

The new front comp springs are terrific.
- - Todd Cave / Sacremento, Ca.

The drums look good. I'll have to try them out on the race cars. How's the supply on the roadster drums? Do you expect to have these available for some time?

Mike, LTD production run of 100 sets. After that they're OOP. Won't be produced again. Dean
- - Michael Unger / Hayes, Virginia

Thanks Dean We met years ago and I again want to thank you for the great service you are providing the Datsun community. Dave
- - David Neal / Massachusetts

Dean- Today, I received the Datsun roadster 69, 70 Headlight Knob that you sent me. Thank you for your prompt response in providing me with the part that I needed. Regards, Blake
- - Blake Lee Neubauer / Carmel, Indiana

Hi Dean, Parts have arrived today. That new windscreen 1229 trim is fantastic, big improvement. Thanks & Regards David
- - David Boardman / Australia

Hi Dean its Frekie from south Africa we received the parts and al the parts are corectly .The soft top a want to know do we need the front bow Finnisher?? we have the frame for the soft top what els do we need for a complete soft top??
- - Sir Frekie / South Africa

One last item before this ends. I was duped by my faceless, nameless antagonist into believing his (her) message was coming from Dean Apostal. They did not. Dean is innocent of the belligerence that infected the list earlier today. To Dean and the list I apologize. Dean and I have had our differences on several issues, but this issue was clearly not one of them. Dean, I am truly sorry for dragging you through the mud in front of the roadster community. Please accept my sincere apology. You have every right to be offended and indignant.
311's message
i Dean, I have sent the payment through. The control number is; 169-050-xxxx. Thank you for making it easy for me. I recently tried to buy parts from Rallye and in the end nothing happened because he wouldn't give me his payment details via email. He insisted on me giving him a fax number. Only businesses have such. I gave him my work fax, and after so many attempts from him and no fax down this end, I gave up. Paranoid twit. Anyway thanks again. Have a lovely festive season.
- - Hernan / Down Under

Dean, I?m like 9.5 hours ahead here in Afghanistan?I just got off the phone with my wife and she received the package last night (answered my own question)?Thanks again for the support you provide the Roadster community, I will be placing another order soon. v/r Buddy
- - John Mc Carthy / Savannah, Georgia

Hi Dean, the windshield arrive all in one piece, safe and sound this morning! thanks, eric
- - Eric Leitzky / Alameda Ca.

Hi Dean. My order arrived today. (Well, it was here yesterday but I missed the delivery!)I just wanted to say thanks for such quick shipping. My weekend is booked now! I look forward to more purchases from you in the future.
- - Mannon Wallace / Andover, Ks.

Dear Dean I get the parts yesterday 6 pm and I install until 2 am, and today reinstall al exhaust pipe. Sounds grate and I think I?m going to set agen carburation , because start jingling when I step in accel pedal They say is matter of timing so I will be playing around Thanks for the parts they are very good See you around Best regards, Jesus
- - Jesus Ascencio / Jalisco, Mexico

Hello Dean, I received the parts today, I am pleased to inform you that they were in very good order . Thanks for your time and effort.
- - Bob Garrett / New South Wales, Australia

Dean, Received windshield in perfect shape and other parts yesterday. I am looking forward to order other parts in future.
- - Yoshitaka Baba / Melrose, Ma.

Hi Dean, Just received my new windshield from you via Fed Ex. Its is perfect, very nice packaging by the way. I also really like the new style weatherstrip for it. Can't wait to install it. Thanks again.
- - Terry Zimmerman

Datsun Parts, Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service on my recent order. My '69 1600 is up and running. What a blast to drive.
- - Craig Morgan / Asheville, Nc.

Hi Dean. This is Nick from Australia; Thanks for all the 310 parts you sent; They arrived safe and sound and I am Very happy with them.
- - Nicolas Augustos / Australia

Hello dean! Rod has received the order , he said to say ? thank you very much? , all good , well done ! most likely get some more parts for his fairlady in the near future, regards paul and rod AUSTRALIA.
- - Paul & Rod / Australia

Dean: Panasports arrived today in perfect order.
- - Stephen Holst / Westport Ma.

Today I`ve received . Thank you.
- - Setsuo Takahashi / Japan

Hi Dean, the parts arrived over the weekend. All looks good. I am sure I will be needing a few more things when I start putting it all back together. Thanks for your help. I will be in touch, Eric
- - Eric Litsky / Northern California

Hi Dean, thanks for the parts. Again everything was just perfect :-)
- - Alexander Mark Miles / Dusseldorf, Germany

Dean It all arrived intact on Friday. Very well packed. Many thanks. Noel
- - Noel Finden / Australia

Hello Dean, I just wanted to thank you for the call. I was trying to install the side metal pieces with the weather strip while I had the windshield asy on a stand. And I guess from that angle and view it was messing me up along with the fact the pieces didn't match what came off the car. Anyway after I put the windshield on the car It was pretty plane to see how they would install.
- - Dan Salter

Dean, I received my order today. It made the coast to coast trip very quickly. Thanks for getting them here quickly.
- - Scott Branch

Dean, I just received my order from you and noticed everything was individually bagged and my order was exactly what I ordered. Just wanted to say thanks and I hope to make to Solvang. 
- - Max & Renee Zuniga

Hey Dean, I just wanted to say thanks for the quick turn around. I received the Sensor and Filter today. I know you're a busy guy, and I really appreciate it.
- - Keith Downing

Parts arrived on the 27-3-12 everything is in good shape. I appreciate all your help and your prompt service.
- - Bob Garrett / Australia

Dean; Letting you know I have received the parts. All looks good, thank you very much. Cheers.
- - Peter Bucknor / Calgary, Alberta,

Thanks dean for all your help with my datsun roadster, parts arrived in good condition and I am very happy with quality of parts. also thanks for locating diaphragms for my solex carbs.
- - Timothy Craig / Munster, Indianna

Dean thank you U20 timing set. The gears look great will put in and be back on the road presently! Bill
- - Bill Bourne / Tacoma, Washington

Dean, good to get to talk to you and place my initial order. This 67.5 is a recent purchase and will need a few items to get it roadworthy. I forgot to ask you about a windshield for the 67.5 . Need price and availability. Terry
- - Terry Zimmerman/St Mary's, Ohio

Sorry about the delay in replying to you . Evey thing arrived in good order . the service during the whole ordering and delivering of my parts was always prompt and as usual every thing was correct Thank you Dean See you soon Bruce
- - Bruce Bryan / Big Pond

Hey Dean, I wanted to thank you for working with my parents over the Holidays. I got lots of great stuff from you and wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased. I have already recovered my seats and headrests with you covers, replaced tons of gaskets and am getting ready to put in the new door panels. Everything looks great! William Brown
- - William brown / Tennessee

Overall, I am VERY pleased with your products. Not only are your products of high quality, the customer service I received from you during my phone order was great as well. Shipping was prompt, which jump started my restoration about a week before I had planned, which is always a good thing. Once again, thanks for your excellent products and service.
- - Andrew West / Palisade Colorado

Hi Dean We received our parts, thank you. They are great.
- - Graham Clark / Australia

Hello dean thanks for the nice parts the carbs or looking great many thanks regards bertus netherlands
- - Bertus / Netherlands

i Dean, Thought I'd send you a couple of photos of my roadster so you can see exactly what you have been providing parts for. Also, I'd like to thank you for all your help and information in getting these parts. Thanks again, Joe Avoledo
- - Joe Alevedo/ Phoenix, Arizona

Hello Dean, 1308D arrived and all accounted for. Regards Geoff Arnold
- - Geoff Arnold / New South Wales Australia

Hi Dean The parts have arrived. Thank you for your help. I will be in touch again soon with another order. Graham
- - Graham Clark / Australia

?ll send some happy snaps next week to show you the boot fit - it is perfect! Thanks so much for your vigilance and dedication to getting the right parts for my early model SP311 1965 1600 RHD Fairlady roadster!
- - Raymond Kent / Australia

Dear Dean Hello. The windshield arrived today. There was no problem. Thank you very much! Best regards
- - Koji Fujinami / Japan

Dean, I just wanted to say thanks for your professional attitude. I've tried to do business with others on the web and have found myself negotiating prices over the phone.
- - Steve Wix/ New Mexico

Dean, Just to let you know, my parts arrived at 2:30pm Saturday. That's just under 24 hours from when you submitted the package info to fedex. Thanks again.
- - Michael Morreale

Dear Dean A product arrived today. It is scheduled to order again one of these days. Thank you very much.
- - Koji Fujinami /Japan

Hello Dean, Parts arrived today, everything is in good shape. I appreciate all your help in putting it together. Thank you very much.
- - Bob Garret / Lake Macquarie City, Australia

Many thanks for the quick service Dean Much appreciated !
- - Karl Arthur / England

Here you are and thanks for all you do for us other roadster lovers Dean. We really appreciate it!!
- - Paul Veltum

Hi Dean, Package received, fantastic service from you as usual, will be back with another order soon. Brgds Rune
- - Rune Leirset / Norway

Hello Dean. A product arrived today. Thank you! best regards. Fairlady Restoration 
- - Koji Fujinami / Japan

Order arrived yesterday, glass in good shape. Great job of packing! And you were right, no duty charged. Thanks, Bruce
- - Bruce Crump / Canada

Dean, just wanted to say thanks for all your help over the past couple of years?????..looks pretty nice. Best, Cliff Scott
- - Cliff Scott / Redmond, Or.

Hi Dean, Just wanted to let you know that I finally receipted the shipment yesterday ? it looks fantastic. Thanks I can?t wait to start putting the car back together again. Out of interest, What do most people do with the carpet underfelt and carpet? Do they glue them in with the 3M glue or do they use screws to keep it all in place like the original? Thanks once again. Just wanted to let you know that I have been very happy with the products you have supplied ? they are exactly as described and seen on your website, and also for your service. - - - - Raymond Kent / Victoria Australia

Hello DEAN, Have received brake MASTER CYL. Thank you !
- - Stan Verbicky / Victoria B.C. Canada

Fantastic! Thanks for the extra effort. My car is smiling at you from a distance--2500 miles or so!
- - David Bloyer / Hawaii

Thanks p.s - received your other package, you run a great business with excellent service !
- - Chritopher Vanhese

The shipment arrived today and everything looks good, great actually. I will contact you in a week or two to see if you have the tear-drop lenses with gaskets yet.
- - Brian Fox / Canada

Hello Dean , My parts are arrived in a good condition. Thank You
- - Bernhard Selig / Switzerland

l make a transfer of 50$(bank charges included) to thank you for this transaction. Thank you very much for taking the time to process my application. Your seriousness and professionalism are truly remarkable. Thank you.
- - Florain Rech / Austria

Dean is tha man!Dean, The parcel containing the emblem arrived yesterday. I don?t think that I have ever seen an item packaged so securely. I am very pleased with the emblem and I would just like to express my satisfaction for such good service.
- - Andrew Lord / Broken Hill NSW, Australia

Thanks Dean. Its always good to know why. You are only one stop roadster shop I know off. Keep up the good work. Maybe if Australian customers had the option of using USPS and it was made very clear even with registered post the liability was the customers. Though I understand its your reputation and the hassle. Regards Matt
- - Matt Wood / Australia

Hi Dean, All parts have been received. Thanks
- - David Boardman / Australia

I don't like buying parts from anyone else but you, but since you weren't sure if you had one I didn't want to take a chance. Just go ahead and send the lower radiator for my 2000 - Part #1520. Thanks for all your help.
- - Joe Avoledo

Thanks a bunch Dean
- - Kevin Peterson / Cloverdale, California

Thanks for that. I am sure that I will see it in the next week or so. Thanks very much for the service and the feedback.
- - Andrew Lord / Broken Hill NSW, Australia

Hello Dean , Have received all parts , thank you for your services..Will be inquiring about other items in the near future. Stan
- - Stan Verbicky / Victoria B.C. Canada

Dean, I got my parts. Just wanted to say thank you for helping with the parts #'s I did not know. I will send you photos of my car next week after I get it back in case you want to put it in your photo gallery. Thanks again, Joe Avoledo
- - Joe Avoledo / Phoenix, Az.

Hi Dean, Thank you for the confirmation. Looking forward to receiving the parts!
- - Raymond Kent / Australia

G'day Thanks Dean Great service! Regards Steve
- - Steve Naudi / NSW Australia

Hi Dean, I received my parts today and they are in great shape - everything was really well packed. I am impressed. I appreciate what you're doing - making a lot of this stuff from scratch. Back in the 90's when I had my last roadster this just wasn't available. T
- - James Wiseman

Just finished timing my Roadster, the new distributor and coil I got from you, has her purring like a kitten. You should be proud, keeping these old cars alive.
- - Bill Cook

I have received the components, Thanks for the service, everything are ok! K.H.
- - K.H. Spoelder / Hasselt, Netherlands

Good morning Dean, I am happy to tell you that the parcels arrived on 21st July 2010. Every thing was in good condition and delivered to my home. I am pleased with the quality of the whole job. Thank you for your assistance and expertise.
- - Bob Garrett / Australia

Great service Dean! Thanks
- - Dan Russel / Tualatin, OR

Hi dean Arrived safely as it was perfectly packed 1500 rear emblem is in mint condition. I am very pleased I will be able to take off the 1600 decal and sell it on Ebay and get some money back Thanks very much for your assistance. Yurgen
- - Yurgen Serediuk / North Narrabeen, Australia

Hey Dean just a short note your way to say thank you for a great experience on ordering all the parts needed for my 2000 roadster motor. It was nice not to have to look everywhere in the country trying to piece together everything I needed for this project. You made it easy, Thank you and thank you for posting my Morgan on your site, That was great and I sent it to everybody I know.
- - Jack Pena / San Diego

Hello Dean Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!
- - Margaret & Kevin Walkden

Received my order yesterday. All parts accounted for. Thanks for the prompt service.
- - Mike Mitsules

Hello Dean, Just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding service you have provided. I was very happy when I received the windshield for my '68. It was exceptionally well packaged. Now that I finally finished my Roadster I thought I might send you a picture. I am sure you see a lot of these on the West Coast, but this is only the third one I have seen in Pennsylvania.
- - Jim Sullivan / Pennsylvania

Hello Dean, have the Datsun Parts today received. I am very contented custumer with the parts and the package. I need more parts for my Datsun Roadster from dec. 1969 high windshield and give you this week a new order from your internet catalog.
- - Geert Blokzijl / Hoogeveen, Netherland

Just wanted to say thanks for your quick response and delivery of the parts I needed. I know whenever I needs parts or technical help, you are there! Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.
- - Joe Alevedo / Phoenix, Az.

By the way, all of the parts that I have ordered from you are nice quality pieces.
- - James Sullivan

Many thanks for your efficient and swift service. I ordered some parts on October 2 by phone. Shipping and billing was the following day. These parts arrived at my home in New Braunfels, TX on 6 October. My 1966 Datsun 1600cc SPL0311 (Chick Magnet) is now back on the road and dazzling all the local sweethearts. So again thanks for your great service; the next best thing to having a responsive dealer next door. Nissan won't even talk to me anymore when I try to order a part. They just laugh and gather the parts folks to join in on the fun. So now I can drive by the Nissan dealership and watch the looks of envy as the Fairlady runs as smoothly as when it was new.
- - Gerald McGauley

Dear dean Thank you for the nice parts,it is always a pleasure to do business with you Thanks again for the quick delivery.
- - Bertus Dijkstra

Received the brake cylinders and I'm on the road again!Thanks for the great service.
- - JT

Just wanted to tell you that the master cylinder arrived in four days and was exactly what was needed. It's installed and all is well. Thanks for the great service.
- - Carl Norvitz

Once More I am VERY HAPPY with your service, Quick Shipment at a Fair Price THANK YOU, I Commend your professionalism The BODINE Bro's, ( NASCAR GUYS) Have opened a Performance shop here and are doing some of my Work, I will pass on your Contact Info to them. They seem to specialize in Weird and unusual Work.
- - Roger Dent

Dean, Thanks for sending back the handle plastic inserts. Thumbs up for your superb customer service, all parts that I have ordered are always the correct ones and on time.
- - Eddy Juarez / CA

Dean, What a disappointment to own a newly painted roadster with new seats and carpet, but ratty windshield trim and console. The solution was provided by your windshield pad set p/n 1231 and console cover w/lid p/n 1079. The quality of the materials, the workmanship, and the fit of all pieces exceeded my expectations. Thanks!
- - Jon Hayden / Tyler, Tx.


I have found your website to be the most comprhensive of all those I have visited. The parts I have ordered from you were delivered very quickly and exactly as ordered. I also did a little price comparision and found you to be on par or better, thanks.
- - Bill Walker / Bakersfield, Ca.

Dean, I appreciate all your hard work. You've been very helpful. Its nice where I can call and get parts, and ask questions. Unlike some of your competitors.
- - Cameron Mc Leod

I appreciate your help on my "little" project. You've been a great service to the Datsun Roadster family. I am planning on a few more large orders shortly. Thanks, Cameron
- - Cameron Mc Cloud / AZ.

G'day Once again thanks for your prompt service all my parts arrived in Australia within days of being ordered. Great service again Many Thanks Peter Hansen PS All the best for the New Year and keep up the good work
- - Peter Hansen/Australia

Yes, the website is excellent, and Dean Apostle is very helpful over the phone as well. Very good experience buying from them!
- - Fred / San Francisco,Ca.

"I want to thank you for your help... The car needed new pistons, all bearings and an updated oil pump. You came through with the required parts and advice on schedule and the car was reassembled, broken-in and made the race, second place finish. When dealing with a thirty year old car it is a blessing to have a resource like Dean who can get the parts delivered on a tight schedule, at a very reasonable price, and have everything correct... Keep up the good work, you can count on my business in the future."
- - Murray Chalmers / San Dimas, Ca.

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me solve my carburation problems and fixing the other dozen things that had previously been "creatively repaired" on my car. Now my engine runs great. After years of agonizing experiences with so-called know it all sports car "specialists", it was refreshing to find someone who respects and can intelligently deal with Datsun Roadsters. Thank you Dean for your honesty and integrity. Indeed, your knowledge and workmanship are truly appreciated."
- - Rick Braverman / Santa Monica, Ca.

"I have accepted the fact that the only people who help the club have turned at least part or all of their hobby into a money-making opportunity. Even Dean has done this to a degree, but with a twist that I like. Dean has a single-handedly lowered the prices of goods and services to a competitive level from it's previous monopoly state."
- - Robert Valerio / San Diego

Dean. Thank you for being there for me!
- - Maria Bustelo / Mexico

Hi, Just to let you know that the parts that I ordered, the Bumper Bar and the assorted bits and pieces all arrived. The bar is as good as new and Bax only took 3 days to ship it all to Australia excellent service from both them and you. So once again many thanks for a job well done.
- - Peter Hansen / Australia

I recently order a few items from you. All parts were very nice quality. I do plan on placing another order soon. Thank you.
- - Jim Sullivan

Thanks Dean for all your help! I am sure Ken will be in touch with more requests. Thanks again and hope you have a great Christmas. PS. If you ever get a chance to come to Australia please contact us. We have beautiful 4.5 star cabins and we would love to show our appreciation by giving you free accommodation. Cheers and thanks again. Ken and Tracy Moore
- - Ken Moore / Cudmirrah NSW Australia

Dean, Sorry I missed your call. Your hunch was correct: in my haste I didn?t notice that the choke cable (1805) came with a grommet, so the extra grommet (1806) is not necessary. Thank you for filling the order so quickly, and for saving me some money in the process!
- - Jon Hayden / Tyler, Texas

Hi Dean, parts were excellent, thank you. Those carb linkages were a life saver!
- - Graeme / Australia

I could not be more impressed with the quality of the products you have sent me thus far. Thank you for overnighting me the intake/exhaust manifold gasket last week too. I was able to get it installed on Saturday and had the car running to give my kids a ride on Sunday!!
- - James Bell / Frisco, TX

Hello dean i like to tell you that i received the parts today fast shipment They are great like to tell i appreciate all you have done for me, next month i will order some more parts from you for an other fairlady. Many thanks! Bertus
- - Bertus Dijkstra / Netherlands

We will be closed Wednesday, October 10th.
Thank you for letting me know the tracking number. I appreciate being able to trade comfortably.
- - Matsumura / Japan

Hi Dean, Thanks for the parts I ordered a month or so ago, they are great. Which leads me to purchasing additional parts, please let me know if I have doubled up on anything.
- - Jonathan Hudson / Australia

Choke knob arrived today. Excellent way to send small parts Thanks very much JON
- - Jon Var Brattland/Netherlands

Hi I have received my parts good shipping thanks you you are the best... Benoit
- - Benoit Natura / France

Thanks for your support of the Datsun Roadster group at the ?Glen? this year. We had a lot of rain on Saturday and Sunday, but it was good to get together with friends old and new. Fred
- - Fred Davidson

Hi Dean Received my last box of parts yesterday, All OK. Can not wait to fit those Exhaust Headers on the Roadster, they will really finish it off. Thanks Dean. We do appreciate being able to get the parts we need from the US . Regards Kent.
- - Kent Bush / Australia

Dean, Just wanted to say thanks for getting the starter motor to me on time. I installed it last night and the car fired up first time - and with a lot less effort than before - so I will be able to make the race this weekend. I appreciate your efforts.
- - Graham Ashby

Hi Dean, just wanted to thank you for the in house exchange, it is a very nice exhaust collector. Do expect more orders. My friend John Neal with a 68spl wants me to redo the inside windshield area with the plastic replacement items, plus the door seal material. When we get ready the order is yours. Thank you very much....
- - Bill Cole

Exactly! Perfect. It all looks so good, now I am having to re-think about painting the car first before I put the new interior in. Yes Dean it is all there and in perfect shape.
- - Kevin Peterson

Dean got the parts for the 2000 yesterday, havnt had a chance to check them all off against the list ,but I must say they all look great ,the quality of the seatcovers is really superb!
- - Andy Cantrell

Your welcome. I hope you like the gear!! Dean Will Campbell wrote: Dean, It turned up this afternoon. Thanks for the gaskets as well. See ya, Will On 7/18/07, datsun wrote: Did you get the gear?
- - Will Campbell

Hello Mr. Dean, Finally I got the parts. Thank you very much!
- - Seiji Okada / Japan

Hi Dean, Thanks for the parts they all arrived safely. I have attached some photos of the Datsun Roadster Nationals (46 cars from all over Australia attended) held over the weekend in the Barossa Valley (wine country) in South Australia. Our car won best in show, best restoration, most original and people's choice. It seemed that we were a little greedy! The car looked great. We still have a few things to do to get it to the level we want and will do that before the next Nationals. Thanks again for sending the parts.
- - Darren Proctor

Got all the parts I ordered the next day; Thanks again for the speedy shipping. Thanks for all your help; you have been a invaluable asset to the Datsun roadster fans. Keep up the good work, hope all is well for yourself.
- - Peter Yang

Hi Dean: Just a note to congratulate you on all of the work you have done to bring a host of quality Datsun roadster products to owners. I would not have believed we have such a selection.
- - Fred Davidson

Dean: Recently received my order for two door panels and a console cover (1970 1600). Everything was in good order and installation went well. The only problem is the rest of the interior looks shabby by comparison! Thanks again. Hey Steve, I guess you'll just have to come back for the other pieces. I'm glad you are happy with the parts! Dean
- - Steve Bronskill

Hi dean , Got my parts today , everything looks fine. Nice gaskets. Thanks!
- - Al Gast

The parts shipment has been great. Last order was sent by you on Friday and was delivered on Tuesday.
- - Peter Jones

Dean, thanks for the reply back. Your the only vendor that has got back to me on this subject. This is for Bill Neals car, who just ordered all the clutch parts from you, they are very nice high quality parts. Thanks... Bill Cole
- - Bill Cole

Hello Dean, I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you again for all of your help with parts and information. Your service has always been great and your product selection continues to grow, which makes me happier every time I visit your site. You?ve always been prompt with shipping parts and your follow-up has been great too. You?re a true asset to the roadster community and I for one appreciate your desire to help all of us continue to drive the cars we love. Thanks again. Sincerely,
- - John Lowry / Olathe,KS

Hi Dean, very impressed with the quality of the rubbery bits. I can't fit those seals yet, the vents need to be plated first. Have a good Xmas, and a safe New Year.
- - Graeme Suckling

Hi Dean, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you. Since I bought my lil darlin, I've found a GREAT community of roadster guys (and gals), vendors, friends. To keep these awesome pieces of motoring history running, we all need parts. Whether I've called you for parts or advice, you have always been very willing to provide either, even if it meant that I ended up getting the part locally! You are a true friend to the Roadster Community. This thank you is for one specific part though. As you may recall, I recently purchased a short shift lever with the Delrin bushings to go with it? This thing is AWESOME! I'm 6'1" and have always found the throw on the stock length shifter to be a bit awkward and cumbersome. This piece solves the problem. It moves the shift knob down a few inches, shortens the throw, and puts it PERFECTLY in my hand when driving. The other cool side effect of this part is a truly sports car feel when shifting. The bushings take out ALL the slop of rubber bushings! Feels like the race car a Solex SRL really IS! Makes shifting MUCH more enjoyable. It shortens the shift time too and is more precise, to make you a little quicker thru the gears.
- - Matt Smith / Hixson, Tn.

We appreciate your service and cooperation!
- - Jim "The Autoworks"

I would like to thank you for your increased attentiveness to roadster owners. I like seeing a vendor take a "hands-on" interest in customers. There may be some that don't like to see vendors making comments but, your knowledge and parts are welcome. Thanks.
- - Brad Holmes SECROC

..I must say for the record, I have purchased many parts from Dean. I have not had any complaints about what I have purchased. I get fast delivery and the parts are what I have expected them to be. I bounced around looking for parts and have stuck with Dean. From my true experience over 1 year I would highly recommend Dean to anyone. looking for a honest parts Datsun vendor.
- - Ron Mistak

Dean. I just wanted to tell you that all the dreck that I've heard about you from some of the others vendors of parts is not true. I have received 6 or 7 orders to this date and have had no problems. I don't know what the problem is in this "roadster world", but I know that you have treated me fairly in all our dealings.
- - James Balarsari / Sacremento, Ca.

Clearly others have appreciated how you run your business and take responsibility for any errors on your part, and even when they might not be yours. As always, I will continue to do business with you and send customers your way. Best wishes to you this holiday season..
- - Greg / Washington State

Hi Dean, just a quick note. Parts arrived this morning. Many thanks, they are excellent and were packed very well.
- - Graeme S. Australia

I've purchased from Dean.....and have always received the service I needed at a fair price.
- - Gary Tew / Peoria, AZ.

Dean has been as good as they get in sending me parts. I have purchased the roasdter full suspension kit and it was complete in every way. Other orders have been handled in a similarly prompt and professional manner.
- - Ken McLeod

Dean has done me right, and as a bonus his price is frequently the low bid also....
- - Jim Cawrse / Chesapeake, Virginia

Thank you Dean, and all for comments etc.
- - Marko / Sydney Australia

Dean, I ordered a set of headers for a 2000 the other day. I am extremely impressed with the quality and the finish for the price, and completely blown away that you include the gasket set. I already have a set of your gaskets that I got with the car from Mark Dent, but extras are always handy. He recommened you highly, now I know why. Thanks again.
- - Dave Brisco

Part arrived at Tim's today...Awesome service. More orders to come.
- - Brian Rourke

Received the regulator in yesterday's mail. Thank you!. Also I want to thank you for "giving me a break" and for the effort you made to ship USPS!
- - Dave

G'Day. Just wanted to thank you for the great deal on the OEM rear lights. Shipped quickly and they look great.
- - Daniel NOWROC

Hi Dean, Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your help with the roadster parts - especially the head. the car runs great thanks to you.I really appreciate the help and your timeliness in getting the parts to me. Thanks again, Joe
- - Joe Alevedo / Phoenix, AZ

Dean, Happy as a clam. Besides which, no one has consistently lower prices than you. Feel free to note that not a single part on this car was bought from another vendor!
- - Jesse Brink / Venice, Ca.

I'm trying to install the trunk lid hinges and specifically the torsion bars that go with them. Any pics of installed bars would be appreciated. Also, I have been installing Dean's rubber kits and I'm very impressed with the quality and fit of the parts. Kudos! '67 1600 VG30
- - Gary Tew / Peoria, AZ is single-handedly the best source on the web for Roadster Parts! The site is organized intelligently and easy to navigate through the entire parts catalogue. Dean is thorough and careful with all aspects of your order right down to shipping. Dean's comprehensive knowledge is legendary! He is clearly one of the best information sources available for Roadster aficionados and he is always right there with help, not just about his parts but also discussion regarding these old cars and how best to keep them alive. One heck of a satisfied customer!
- - Paul Miller / San Francisco, CA

"Everything looks great, thank you for getting it all to me so fast!"
- - Ryan Brown / Bellingham, Washington

Would you beleive it not 20 minutes after I talked to you the package was delivered to me by our receiving department. Many thanks Dean!
- - Stan

"Dean, Just a quick note to let you know that the parts I ordered arrived the very next day! Wow!! Speedy, complete, knowledgable, and a heck of a nice guy, too!" Thanks!
- - Patti Dwinell 1964 SPL310

"I got the parts today. September 27, 2006 Thanks for the quick service. I have lots to do on this car and will be in touch for other parts."
- - James Yerby

"Received my parts safely, Thanks very much. Great to have the rubber parts you can not source in Australia."
- - Kent Bush

"A roadster business that actually answers when you call. I'm really happy with the mounts you sent and your great service. I'm very pleased to have found you!"
- - Eric Langly

"Thank you for always being up to date with payment! Your one of our best customers."
- - Manufacturer of Interior parts

"You are a busy guy..wish we could talk more about the car when I call, but the parts are always great and here very fast."
- - George Silvernail

"Never a problem. Buys high quantities pays upfront."
- - Manufacturer of urethane parts

"Never a problem always pays"
- - Sports Imports

"Paid up front in advance. Understandably cancelled part of order and accepted partial order when we could not supply correctly tint window. We refunded and compensated you damaged and broken glass."
- - Pro Source Glass

"Hi Dean Thursday at 5 PM eastern I ordered some parts from you, it is Now 10 am Eastern Friday and the parts are being Installed. EXCELLENT Service, stocked Shipped Charged and a Tracking # in a matter of an Hour, I can Not Thank you enough, unlike a Competitor that takes 6 phone calls a Lengthy chat a reminder and a cussing out for me not paying a Bill he had forgot to send, and yet he has The audacity to call you an As** NO DOUBT who I will deal with from Now On, THANK YOU AGAIN, You Can use me as a Reference ANY TIME
- - Roger H Dent, 68 2000

"Dean, Thank you for supplying the brake parts to make Cheri's wagon drive again. I was pleasantly surprised to find factory parts that were of high quality and fit right without modification. I owned an an automobile repair shop in Port Townsend for many years and am very aware of poor quality parts. My technicians would keep me informed of the best lines from the best suppliers. I sold my shop two years ago and am trying to perform "community service" by helping keep the interesting, unique cars on the road. These are the cars that no other shop will work on. This means putting up with whatever parts are available and sometimes those are pretty nasty. You have been put on my list of preferred suppliers."
- - Steve Tucker

"Thanks for being so patient with a "rookie" Datsun owner. I am glad I can rely on you for parts as well as your knowledge."
- - Ken Ziesenheim, President Thornburg Securities Corporation, Santa Fe, NM

"The distributor works great! Dropped it in and the car started right up. I'm so pleased with your speedy delivery, it's the best of all the Datsun suppliers."
- - Fred Katz / So. San Francisco, CA

"Dean is a good guy. I'm in the process of getting a few things as I type. Catalogs like that must take time to put together on a page like that, and it really makes ordering parts easy. He should be compensated with a few sales for the effort."
- - Paul Strassmeier

"I've bought several items from Dean and have been pleased with all. He's very helpful with questions as well."
- - Gary Tew / Phoenix, AZ

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your thoroughness. When it comes to the supply of parts, your prices are really fair and competitive and the "choice quality" assures me of a long lasting car. Your conscientiousness is very much appreciated by me. Keep up the good work.
- - Gilles de Bonfilhs / Santa Monica 69 Solex 2000

"I'm very happy to have found an honest person to service my Roadster. You are really very knowledgeable. My car has never run better. Thanks for providing such great service!"
- - Jonathan Stone / Santa Monica 66 1600

"Regarding Parts: I've spent the last six years of my life showing up in people's backyards at night with a flashlight and my own tools to obtain some of those hard to locate parts. Some parts were so dirty and oily you'd thing they lived on an oil refinery. Luckily I found you through Art at "Rising Sun." Your parts are clean, already disassembled for me to inspect and hopefully I'll only need the use of my flashlight for real emergencies."
- - Gregg Donaldson / Culver City 67 1600

"Your service has been outstanding and your parts excellent quality. I appreciate your help and time in making my Roadster restoration a success."
- - Larry Wise

"Your console covers look great, in the set of pics you gave me. I'm probably too far away to take advantage, but I'd like to hear from you. The DUBBO, New South Wales Datsun Spartos National Meet happens this June. I won't be able to attend (it's about 2400km each way), but maybe you'll attend?"
- - Eric Gustavson / Queensland, Australia

"The new master cylinders went on beautifully and are performing marvelously. The idler arm is on and working and along with a tightened steering gear box makes for excellent handling."
- - Kurt E. Lindquist II / Raleigh, North Carolina

"I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your help with the tune up. She (2000) runs better than ever. Engine compression was 170-180 on all cylinders. I hope you enjoyed your weekend in New York. We sure enjoyed having you."
- - Brian

"Dean - it finally runs as good as it looks! Thanks for all your help."
- - David