Upcoming Promotions:

Black Friday Sale: Be sure to read this entire page so you will have a good experience. 

  • November 24 - 26. (12 AM Friday, Nov 24 through 11:59PM Sunday, Nov 26. PACIFIC STANDARD TIME)
  • 20% OFF all orders over $100 
  • No discount for order less than $100, no exceptions
  • CODE: BF2023 - You must enter in the code during check to get the discount! Make sure the discount is in the field of itemized cost before you send the order. If you forget to add in the code we will only be able to hold a future credit for the 20% towards good in our store to used up for the full amount. No exceptions.
  • "Sale Terms and Conditions" listed below apply.  Please read.
  •  Overseas customers. Get in on the deal. Cart will not work for overseas, but you can send an email during the sale to lock in your order and receive your quote for wire transfer of the funds. No Paypal,other funding or credit cards. Items ship mid to late January 2024
  • We will be closed at the end of oursale until January 2024 to fill your orders.

Sale Terms and Conditions:

The entire catalog is on sale. You are welcome to purchase enough items to service two of your cars. What you can not do is purchase high volumes of single items. Example: You can not buy 10 slave cylinders. Two Roadsters = 2 cylinders. If you buy 10, 8 will be refunded at 96% of the cost you paid to cover the transaction fees. This allows everyone to have a chance during the sale to buy items  before we run out and is fair to all.

Do to the high demand of our products during a sales event, products purchased during one of our seasonal sales, such as a Black Friday or Christmas sale, will ship within 3 weeks of the purchase.

Items that are already on sale, prior to a promotion, will continue to stay on sale and be discounted even further during a sales event, which means you save 50 to 70% more than other catalogs on the internet.

During a sales event, if an item runs out of stock that you have been able to cart and pay for, during our inventory replenishment the item will be shipped to you at the price you paid.

If we are not able to replenish the item, you will be notified and refunded immediately.

Items that fall out of stock during the sale, become backordered or no longer available that were not able to be been purchased, the sale prices will not be honored during the sale or after the sale is over, no exceptions.