Parts Purchasing Department

We pay top dollar for your new old stock & good used Datsun roadster parts. We won't argue you down on price, buy a part from you and then turn it for 10 times more in our website 3 weeks later. Know that we will give you the best price, CASH and or credit for parts you need. The following list of used parts could also bring you a little relief from the expense of having to finance your entire restoration with only your hard earned salary. Let your spares or collected parts get you towards completing your restoration a bit sooner. Soft top frames and clips from all years, 1600 & 2000 camshafts all years, 2000 two piece rocker arms, 1600 rocker shaft assemblies all years, head rests all years, 1600 & 2000 radiators all years, 1600 & 2000 cylinder heads all years. Call us with your list. Remember; don't sell us any used part that you wouldn't want to receive as if YOU needed it. That means that cores must be re-build able. No front bows that are cracked and bent beyond repair or cylinder heads that are overly-planed or cracked. An item that is missing parts that would make the item incomplete for sale. We have high standards when it comes to used part sales. It is always best to calls us first before sending any products. Sending pictures will help us a lot. One thing to factor in when you have a part to sell is how much you want for the part. Remember too that you are responsible for the freight of the item or items to us. Mis-representing a parts condition will require, YOU, to pay return freight fees if you want the item back.