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For orders shipping to Canada and the continental United States including Alaska and Hawaii use the shopping cart web-site


There is a $150.00 minimum order for all international orders no exceptions, however it is usually better to place larger orders to justify the freight cost. Nothing is ever sent USPS overseas. You can also arrange to have your items shipped to a friend here in the US or picked up by a freight company or shipped to an exporter here in the US.

Once you receive the shipping quote from us and you want to move forward to payment, a PayPal deposit of $100.00 is required. Once we receive the Paypal transfer, we will pack your order and ready it for shipment.

We will then send you our bank information to wire the balance owed less the deposit. We will NOT accept the entire payment through PayPal for your order.

International customers must pay by bank wire transfer. No Paypal or Credit cards EVER. We pay for the cost of your wire transfer. Simply deduct the cost from your quoted total.

Do not ask to use your credit card or Paypal after a quote is given and a receipt is submitted to you for payment. Doing so will close your account permanently.

All fields must be filled in to submit your order. Please make sure your info is true and correct to avoid unnecessary delays.

Sometimes parts in our catalog look like the part you may need, but will not work for your year car. The explanation below will help you choose the correct parts.

Choosing the Correct part for your car: Any part that says in the text "Datsun Roadster" will fit ALL 1600 and 2000 from 1965 through 1970 including RH drive vehicles. If the text also includes "Fairlady" in the description then this part will also fit on all Fairlady's produced from 1963 through 1965 including RH drive vehicles. If the part only says "Datsun Roadster" then it will only fit this model. If the part says only "Fairlady" then it will fit only this model. If the part has a RH in the text or header then it is only for right hand drive vehicles. If the part says 1500 it will only work for a 1500. If a part says 1600 it will only work for a 1600. If a part says 2000 it will only work for a 2000. For more web-site ordering information please visit the “How to use this web-site” link at our website or click this link

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In the message box below list the quantity and part number of each item you wish to purchase. For Example:

1 x 2679

4 x 1464

1 x 1834P-RN-LH-BW