There are NO kits or packages listed in this interior section. Only individual pieces. For Minor and Major packages. We do not recommend DI's foam seat cover sets.

Restoring your interior is cheaper than ever these days and we keep everything on hand to suit the current demand which has nearly doubled from last years sales.

Every item has been photographed so you can see and evaluate the quality of the materials before you make your order. NOTE: Please note that browsers and computers interpret colors differently. When purchasing a color please ask for a swatch if you are "color critical" and want an close match for a existing color in your car. We do not guarantee that any color we have will match perfectly.

All interior pieces are made with care and accuracy replicating the original factory parts. Diamond pattern vinyl, proper embossing, style of pockets on door panels and various other details make your restoration the authentic masterpiece it deserves to be. Enjoy!!

We recommend 3M Super 77 adhesive for attachment of the vinyl parts in this section