All of OUR newest headers are being made with a 15MM thick top plate flanges where it bolts to the side of the cylinder head, matching the intake manifolds thickness, instead of a 3/8" inch or a 1/2" inch flange with ugly welded on tabs to make up the thickness difference often found on older, cheaply made header designs.
Our headers flanges are consistent with the thickness of the intake manifold thickness and the surface is machine ground on both sides for flatness. The thicker flange also affords greater rigidity and cosmetic cleanliness. Therefore our headers can not be copies of other headers that do not have any of the improvements found in our products.

It is suggested that 1600 owners use the short U20 starter or the short gear reduction unit with the headers as there is less clearance between the header pipe and the end of the 1600 starter.

Our starter works with original manifolds and headers.