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Returns / Important


Your best guide to selecting the correct part for your car is by choosing the part from this web-site. Our sales staff can help you find the part and point you to parts in our catalog, but it is up to you to verify that the part suggested is correct for your vehicle and you bare the responsibility of your purchase which means that you can freely exchange the item for a similar part or another part from our catalog if you ordered the wrong part.

Please carefully read and examine the pictures if you are a returning customer or prior to becoming a new customer as requested by our sales team.

Before any items are returned a photo must be sent to our email for approval and an authorization for the return be given.

Products being returned without an authorization will not be opened or refunded.

Products being returned that were delivered to you assembled that are returned taken apart are not returnable ever. You wouldn't take a part your new computer if you had a problem under warranty and then return it in pieces for refund so please do not do it with us.

Products can be returned if arrive in the exact shape as shipped and in sealed packaging. If the seal is broken the item is non-returnable. We reserve the right to make a final decision in any returns to not refund a part or parts sent.

There is a 20% re-stock fee for items being returned where a store credit is requested.

No returns after 30 days. We may make an exception and this is handled on a case by case situation.

Customers maliciously attempting to return parts from other vendors to us for cash back will have their accounts closed. We know our parts.

We I already lose 4 % on the original purchase. In addition, there is labor involved pulling and packing products and time spent in email and on the phone to take orders and then time spent returning the items to bin locations, not to mention that when some parts are sold they are promptly re-ordered. When parts are returned we now take back more items then what we need in stock. This happens more often these days and we can not stay in business with a revolving door of parts that increases the cost of our inventory levels.

(SEE PHOTOS) 1ST, 2ND, 3RD, 4TH, 5TH For examples of sealed product as sold and product that is returned open.

Be mindful to have plenty of bubble wrap in the box to prevent damage to the item upon a authorized return. If an item is defective and or damaged upon receiving an order, a photo should be sent immediately. When the return is authorized, to prevent further damage to the product, proper packaging should be used. Items being returned by throwing them into a box without any packing material such as see' in the 6th photo will not be refunded. If an item is returned as such you must send a cashiers check for the shipping amount for it to be returned to you. The amount for the return will be given by our sales staff.

Finally. If you have purchased an item, made by us, and you are unhappy with it then you can return it for in house credit. Some exceptions will be made for a refund. If the item that you are returning does not have a track record of returns, then moving forward on subsequent orders, your orders will be restricted to purchasing ONLY items that we carry that are made by Nissan. We do our best when having parts made and since items we sell have repeatable sales without returns for defect then we respect your opinion for the return, but can not sell your any further products made by us or for us that are in the catalog.

We are sorry too have to draw such strict boundaries, but we have too many people who have returned items in a careless manner. We do not rent parts and can no longer support a revolving door return policy.