All our weather-strip parts are US made or Japanese OEM Original. NO other Asian suppliers or 3rd world manufacturers contracted or used EVER!

Understand that it cost us 10 times the amount of tooling charges to make your weather-strip parts here in the states. Why? One important reason is that we can and do receive certification of the materials used. You can't always trust overseas providers to guarantee the rubber compounds they use so we avoid using anyone overseas.

The 2nd reason is that we work very closely with the die cutters here in the US, sometimes even traveling long distances to their manufacturing plants, to make sure the parts will be faithful to the originals.

It is for these two reasons that some of our parts may cost more than what you may see from other vendors who are using overseas sources.

Welcome to the weather-strip section. Some of the weatherstrip products in this section, that are no longer available from Nissan, are re-manufactured aftermarket U.S made weatherstrip. We have been making weather-strips for 25 years. Go with us for your weather-strip needs with a proven track record of consistency, longevity and reliability!

Nissan weatherstrip that is still available comes to us in bar coded gray label which de-note new stock and are not dried up older inventory. OEM vendors names, "original maker", such as Koito, EverWing are cast into the parts even though they were sold by Nissan.

Our U.S.weatherstrip manufacturer, has designed many long lasting automotive products for the industry. This company designed your new trunk weatherstrip and at the same time on the other side of the plant Boeing window seals were being manufactured. This company is certified to produce high tolerance long lasting quality rubber products.

If you do not see a specific part here in this section it may be in the rubber section. Click here, to go to this section. We define a weatherstrip as any rubber part that is CONTINUALLY shielding water. EXAMPLE: A outer door squeegee is a weatherstrip part a door pillar post cap is a rubber part.

Click here, to go to the section where weatherstrip parts are combined with rubber parts in kit form.