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Datsun Roadster Mikuni 44mm .35mm in length velocity stacks ( set of 4 )

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Datsun Mikuni 44mm Velocity Stacks (Set of 4) TWM Induction/Borla Performance

These have been in our catalog for 8 years.35mm in length velocity stacks RACE PART( set of 4). Short bell full radius design. Aluminum billet material NOT spun and not universal made specifically for the 44mm Mikuni/Solex carburetors with the correct diameter being 48mm at the air entry for uninterrupted air flow. Notice also how other brands have a bead at the airway that is solid and not hollow which is a cheaper way of manufacturing.
Borla's bell design is inspired from the front aircraft jet engine intake nacelles designed to pull air through the radius thus smoothing out and improving air flow speed and velocity. With the roots of the design with TWM Induction in the 1990's these designs were actually air flow tested and then the design tuned for max air flow. When shopping for bell radius design air horns be sure to ask if air flow tests were performed during the design stage as most do not perform any testing
Allows 30mm of clearance when used with our ITG air filter kit for the Mikuni carburetors.