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Datsun Roadster 67 1/2, 68, 69 & 70 rear finned aluminum drum

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New stock and new manufacture rear brake aluminum finned drum with steel insert. Specifically made for the Datsun Roadster, these drums are not converted or modified 240Z drums that will not fit full depth because they are not recessed on the inside of the drum. They are the correct and proper drum for the roadster. Don't make the mistake of using a 240Z drum. NOTE FOR 65 - 67 CARS WITH CAST DRUMS: The back plate ridge must be bent vertical to fit the drum.
Drilled for 7/16 X 20 TPI studs and machined with the proper recess on the inside to index with the flange on the roadster axle.

NOTE: The company that makes these is the same company that makes rotor hats for the McLaren 12

NOTE: Currently being used on Dan Parkinsons old light weight car now being run by Doc Herman. Bill Stute who services this vintage car for Doc says "Much improved over the Ferodo green stuff from Nissan comp that ate up the drums. The new drums we purchased from you and woven linings perform much better.