Datsun Roadster 68, 69, 70 1600 Water Pump W/GASKETS WITHOUT nipple

Datsun Roadster 68,69, 70 1600 Water Pump W/GASKETS - BRAND NEW

Complete water pump with back plate and gaskets




68 - 70 1600 Brand new complete Water pump with back plate and gaskets WITHOUT nipple.

NOT rebuilt with parts from an old pump. Vendors re-using old flanges comes off really low budget and cheap and doesn't follow shaft/flange class fitting procedures that professional water rebuilders use for proper interference fit of these parts. Add another $18.00 to return your old pump ends up being not such a good deal.
No stamped steel impellers prone to cavitation. Our pumps only have cast iron impellers and are made by the same company that makes Nissan water pumps.

NOTE:  Be sure to order the stainless steel by pass nipple as shown in the photo as it is not included in the price.  Order by PART# 2570 

Do not re-use the old clutch fan as this was one of the contributing overheating problems of the late year cars. Nissan created a replacement spacer block, no longer available, to allow the fan to turn continuously.
NOTE: This pump will work with either the Nissan spacer or our spacer. It will not work with the original fan clutch and why would you want it to anyway for the obvious reason of Nissan's discontinuance of a faulty design? Some individuals gut the original fan clutch unit and drive sheet metal screws into the hub as a means of centering the assembly to fasten to the fan blades. We warn you against this kind of bubblegum repair that could cause water pump bearing failure or catastrophic failure of the fan and clutch assembly.
Click here, to see our replacement of the Nissan version.