Terms and Conditions

Absolutely no returns. Choose your parts carefully. When you place an order weimmediately lose processing fees. If you cancel an order expect only to receive back 90% of youroriginal purchase amount.

Shopping cart web-site is for USA & Canada only customer shipments. International  customers are expressly forbidden from using the shopping cart web-site. Use instead, the International secure order form on the web-site. Using a freight forwarder in the US or an individual in the US  for a shipping address to ship to, with an out of country billing address is not permitted. Individuals misrepresenting their credit card billing address will have their order partially refunded and lose 15% as a service charge, have their account blockedpermanently and be reported to Shopify and their credit card company fraud divisions. Check marking the terms and agreements binds you to this agreement.

California resellers must email a CDTFA  resale form and their yellow sellers permit and must be  engaged in the selling of automotive products or be a repair facility. Once received we will mark your account for resale.

Shipments only to billing address of the credit card. No shipping to Hotels your brothers-wifes friend. 

Any orders placed on datsunparts.com require that you have READ, UNDERSTAND and AGREE to all of the Terms and Conditions below.  By checking the box and placing an order you agree to all the Terms and Conditions outlined here. So please read them or forever hold your peace.

Be sure to triple check your part numbers and make sure that the parts you have chosen match what is on your car prior to checkout, as all sales are final. Have you read “How to use this web-site?”  If you have dyslexia, please have someone place the order for you. We are not Amazon so there is no revolving door of products.

Cancelled orders are subject to a 10% cancellation fee of the entire order - this includes, tax and shipping even if  the order is cancelled 2 seconds after placing the order. Be sure you want to order. An order that shows tracking information can not be cancelled ever.

If an item adds to the cart that means we have it in stock.  If it shows out of stock then you can email us about when it will be available.

There is no “I will see if I like what shows up and if I don't like it I will return it”. Our explanations of the parts we sell, photos of the parts we sell, have sold over and over and over again for 35 years, which bespeaks the quality of our product line. If you are the kind of person that likes to return a lot of stuff, please use another vendor.

Please make sure your order is complete.  We cannot add to your order once you have submitted it. You will have to send an entirely new order and pay an additional shipping charge, no exceptions, even if the order has not been released to FedEx.

Your order will leave our warehouse generally within  1 to 14 business days from the day of submission, not including weekends. FedEx Ground is the only choice for shipping. NO air packages. I know we all feel entitled, sometimes, to get our order sent before others that have ordered before us, but orders are processed as received. Please do not send emails for your order to be rushed, they will not be answered.

When a Shopify fraud alert comes up, we will phone and email you immediately so we can verify that it is really you. A photo of your credit card with all the numbers except the last 4 should be sent with your name on the card or a copy of your credit card statement showing your name, billing address here in the United states and the card number crossed out except for the last four numbers are required to move forward to ship your items. If you have broken the rule for international sales or do not reply back and do a charge back only 85% of the original paid amount will be returned to you. You have 7 business days to provide the information. After 7 days your order is cancelled and you are partially refunded.

If you are local and wish to pick up your order in person do NOT place your order through the shopping cart. Instead, please send your parts list by email to sales@datsunparts.com and we will set up a time for you to pick up your order.

Package Costs and Shipping

FedEx has changed the cost of ground packages from actual weight to dimensional weight which will be more than the lb. rating configured in your shipping total, reflected in the cart. The amount shown in the cart is an  ESTIMATED charge. Configuring the overall weight of your package, required us to gram weight 4000 plus line items. If there are additional packages required for your shipment or if the package is over size there will be an additional charge.  We will contact you to review any additional charges and obtain payment information should additional freight charges be required. You are charged the FedEx published rates plus a $5.00 handling charge for material costs per package on small packages and $10.00 to $15.00 on special large packages. Tracking numbers are provided via the FedEx delivery system to your email once the label is created. Updates, delivery exception and tracking information are sent by the FedEx system.

We reserve the right to ship the billing address only. 

The shopping cart only allows shipments to Canada and the 50 States. International orders, including Puerto Rico and American territories, can only be sent using the International secure order form on the web-site and are not processed through the shopping cart. These orders require a bank wire transfer for payment.

Defective items

If you believe that an item that was sent to you is defective you must first contact us by email with a photo of the item. Do not send the item back without a return authorization as the package will be refused and returned to you. Warranty exchanges are provided after a return authorization is given and at which time the item is inspected by Nissan or the manufacturer and determined as defective. The process of review is approximately 1 to 3 weeks. If you need a replacement immediately and cannot wait, you can repurchase the item until the decision is made for warranty. Understand that Nissan will sometimes declines a replacement request. We have no control over their decision-making process except to support you as much as we can. Decisions made by Nissan and other manufactures are final and not reviewable. All returns must be made within 30 days of receiving the item and the return must be accompanied with the year of the car and the vehicle identification number, mileage at installation and mileage at failure. Items requiring skilled installation, such as brake, suspension, steering, electrical or engine parts, must be installed by license mechanics. Parts installed by non-licensed mechanics will be warrantied on a case-by-case basis.

FedEx Damaged Packages

Damaged, missing or lost parts? If a package is damaged by FedEx we will replace the items that were lost or damaged. The following procedure will expedite replacing the parts you need:

  1. Do not throw away the damaged box, packing material or merchandise. If the driver is present then take note of the damage with them and their name.
  2. Call FedEx immediately at 1-800-GOFEDEX. You must initiate the claim so a time and location can be arranged for inspection by a FedEx representative. Contact us by email sales@datsunparts.com
  3. A claim number must be issued to us before any parts are replaced. This usually takes upwards of two weeks.
  4. Do not give anything to FedEx without receiving a receipt.
  5. If you need the missing or damaged parts sooner than a claim number can be issued, you must re-purchase them. When the claim number is given to us, we will refund the purchase of those items.

Core Charges

Nissan discontinues new parts, it will become necessary to charge a core charge even on new part purchases as we are not able to get replacement parts. This enables us to secure future availability of these items. Core charges are priced to ensure that the parts will be returned. All refunds for returned items and core returns will be processed and refunded the 1st of the month. Cores are due back to us within 30 days after receiving the parts. After 30 days, the core value will be held as credit. At 60 days, no core value will be refunded or credited. The core will be returned to you on your next order.

Do not send back cores filled with grease, oil, or that are filled or wet with gasoline or any solvent. A deduction in core value will be assessed if ANY cores are sent back in this condition. The cores do not have to be completely pristine or washed, just not a horrible dripping mess. Cores disassembled, incomplete or missing parts will have all core value waved and no refund will be given. Rebuilt or remanufactured parts or any parts specified as requiring a core that are returned to us rusted solid or appear to have been stored in the freight hold of the SS Titanic will have all value waved and no refund will be given. Bad, non-rebuildable cores will be returned to the consumer. The consumer is responsible for ground freight charges in order for us to send the part back.

Order Problems

Please check your order thoroughly upon receiving the package. Please report any damaged parts or issues within 5 days of receiving the parts, your order will be considered complete.


All prices are subject to change without notice. We apologize for any prices that appear in error that are incorrect.

Buyer refusal of package or unavailable, package returned

All orders are sent Signature required NO EXCEPTIONS. If you refuse a package or packages you ordered from us or after multiple attempts by FedEx you have not been present to receive the package or packages and they are returned to us you are required to pay all of the original shipping charges and the return shipping charges. We will hold the returned packages for you and resend them when we have received payment for the return shipping. Cancelling, or submitting a charge back to an order that was returned to us, there will be a 30% re-stock charge on the parts. No shipping will be refunded.

You've read our policies and if not to your liking we fully understand if you decide not to place your order with us.