Datsun Roadster Smog Plug Inserts

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Datsun Roadster, set of four, smog plug inserts for 68 -70 1600 and 2000 cylinder heads.

These inserts were reverse engineered to screw into the ports in the head where the air injectors were installed as smog equipment. They have the exact thread and contour of the injectors and fill the entire cavity; both the threaded portion and the smooth bore. This completely eliminates that annoying “chirping” sound caused by engine exhaust passing over the tube, which creates a resonant chamber (like a badly played flute).GENERIC ALLEN HEAD SHORT PLUGS WITH NO EXTENSION WILL NOT SOLVE THE CHIRPING ISSUE. SHORT PLUGS ARE $1.00 EACH AT YOUR LOCAL PLUMBING SUPPLY
Once installed, you’ll be amazed at hearing only the smooth hum of the exhaust out the tailpipe. The clucking chicken in your engine will be dead and gone! Does not include clucking chicken. Comes with a full detailed instruction sheet.
NOTE: Another option is not Allen plugs Allen plugs do not have a chamfer to meet the angled machined area at the bottom of the casted hole in the cylinder head nor do they have an extension on the end to close off the smaller id hole where the pipe used to fit. These areas are what cause the chirping noise. Our inserts have these necessary additions. They were designed, blueprinted and manufactured for a specific purpose.

NOTE 1st PHOTO: The 1st part in the row is the original exhaust injector. It is in the photo group to show what is in your car that you will be removing and is for reference only.

Choke the chicken today!!

NOTE: Spare individual pieces available if you lose one if you purchased this kit from us. Order PART # 2208EA $12.00