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Datsun Roadster Wiring Plug Kits

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Engine Room Wiring Harness Replacement Plug Kit

Why purchase a new engine room wiring harness just because the plastic plugs are painted over or cracked? If your wires are still in good shape, you can make your harness look brand new by purchasing engine wiring harness plug detail kit for less than the price of a new harness.

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1970 model year shown. Specify year when ordering

Note: Some plugs sold open stock

Dielectric grease keeps moisture off of tabbed metal connectors. Comes in all plug kits. Simply wipe on terminals prior to assembly. Assembly Note: The metal connectors are included and are to be used if the old ones are corroded. You can install the new connectors, but it is a lot of work. If the old ones are OK you can simply push down on the locking tap and extract the old connectors, clean them up, bend the locking tab back to its original position and snap them into the new plastic plugs.