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Datsun Roadster 68, 69 & 70 Braided 1600/2000 Oil Pressure Gauge Hose- SOLID LINE

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Datsun Roadster 1968, 1969, 1970 Braided Oil Pressure Gauge Hose


Proper fittings for the block and original oil line.Fits the original retainer clip and bracket. Correct threads for the block of course!

As you have come to expect, a superior product from 

This part differs from part 2108 as this one is a solid line like the original as opposed to 5 points of disconnect on the super expensive parts house selling theirs for $179.00. More joints, more points of possible leakage. You only use more parts when your only choice is picking pieces out of a Goodrich USA overseas parts catalog to make a hose. To quote any design engineer "Keep it simple stupid" 

We had custom machined fittings specifically made, matching exactly to the original Nissan fittings. Made and assembled in the USA.
Our line is made by a Q9001 aerospace firm here in Los Angeles. 

If we were going to make a just few lines we might have gone the easy route and use a bunch of generic readily available Goodrich USA overseas parts, but we wanted a line and one that looks like the original and looks good.

Here's a product that has merit. 1300 sold over 21 years. Shop & Compare. Let your own eyes compare and make the decision for you!!

Frame end fitting M10 by 1.25, block end fitting 1/8 BSPT - that is British NOT American pipe thread. 

Fits: 1968, 1969, 1970