Datsun Roadster U20 aftermarket oil pump

Datsun Roadster U20 Oil Pump



The only conformity tested oil pump being sold. SEE PHOTO 2. What that means is: Each pump is run up and evaluated and compared to the performance sheet. Don't see the laser printed conformity on someone else pumps out there in Ebay's Peddler's pen? Then it wasn't tested. 

After market replica U20 oil pump. This pump is higher volume than the 1500/1600 oil pump.
Same company makes after market oil pumps for Toyota, Nissan & Honda. This reputable company sells tens of thousands of pumps each year that are distributed all over the planet. They have a TS16949 designation; International quality certification and use CMM technology, Taiwan not Chinese, based company.

2/3rds the price of ones being sold on EBAY and its the same exact manufacturer. Be a smart buyer. Don't help Rip off Rudy take your money!!

2nd PHOTO: Two pumps shown for comparison. Aftermarket on the left, Nissan original on the right. You can hardly tell the difference inside and out. Absolutely amazing quality!

NOTE: 1600 and R20 owners can use this pump instead of the forklift or original Nissan 1600 pump.

IHM CO. has provided a laboratory test conformity report, included with the pump, comparing flow, pressure etc. between a New Nissan pump and the Aftermarket pump. Other pumps being sold on the net were not tested and are not marked as such.
Amazing how close the numbers are! There is also a test report comparing both pumps when installed in a 2000 roadster. This part is NOT made in China.

In vehicles all over the world for 14 years. Over 60,000 miles on some cars!