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Datsun Roadster 68 & 69 Replacement Door Handle Roll Up Knob

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Datsun Roadster 68 / 69 Replacement Door Handle Roll Up Knob 


Fits 1968, 1969

New style replacement knob for 1968 & 1969 door handle roll up. The original knob that Nissan provided with the door handle would often come off the chrome handle. The original shaft on the knob was peened over after being assembled into the handle. Through years of use, the peen would break and the knob would come off. Another problem was the method of attachment of the rubber portion of the knob to the metal shaft that would extend through the handle. The inner contact area of the shaft was secured to knob via the molding process onto the knurled area. The old knobs would often pop off the knurled area leaving just the insert attached to the handle. The new style insert that we are receiving with the new style knobs and complete  have a secondary wall, to encapsulate the rubber, thus keeping the rubber knob in place.

If you have your original handle and wish to simply put on a new knob that won't break off then this is a deal for you.

Knob comes with new curved disc tension washer, set screw and Loc Tite to hold machine screw in place. If you would like the entire complete assembly with the newer style knob then click here, to view this part.
NOTE EXCLUSIVE: We are the only vendor currently receiving the complete handle with the new style knob.