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Datsun Roadster 1600 4 speed 65, 66 & 67 New Production Transmission Shifter Boot COMING SOON- Click "Notify me when this product is available:"

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Datsun Roadster Transmission Rubber shift boot.


1st photos are of the original Nissan boots that fail early in use.

History: This part from Nissan has a checkered history of failure due mostly to its natural rubber composition which reacts poorly when exposed to smoggy environments and exposure to oil and heat. In addition design issues, thin walled areas in the diaphragm and the poor placement of parting lines in the most critical areas of stress contributed to a poor design. Check out the Nissan boot and photos of it installed taking note of the failure point in the crease. No vendor sold these with a warranty. Simple way to find out is to ask someone selling one if any warranty applies and you will here the answer, NO.

New Design: The top engineer at Metro repositioned the parting lines, to act less as a crack propagation stress point, Instead of a V shape at the bottom of the valleys, in each crease, a contoured beaded radius reducing the stress area was machined in the tool and more thickness in the surrounding diaphragm walls was added with an upgraded rubber compound using a far superior material to the original. All these changes make our reproduction a perfect upgrade! Beautifully polished and smooth part. Tooling cost was $8,000. 

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 Fits: 1965, 1966, 1967