Datsun Roadster 2000 head stud kit Torque spec on line Set of 10 Genuine ARP

Datsun Roadster 2000 Head Stud & Nut Kit Set of 10 Genuine ARP NOTE: Three stud lengths are included in this kit. Two longer studs are provided for the doweled area on the block. (1ST PHOTO)


We are an authorized dealer of ARP Fasteners. We purchase directly from ARP and not a third party.  When purchasing ARP fasteners make sure you put the zip code of the person you are buying from in ARP's dealer search to see if they are listed as a authorized dealer to make sure you receive genuine ARP products.

3RD Photo shows detail of ARP genuine stamp on all the studs in this 10 piece kit

U20 High Performance Block Stud & Nut 10 piece kit. Far superior to original head bolt method of fastening the head to the block. No needless re-torqueing of the head required. NOTE: Re-use your old washer set as this kit does not come with washers.


Rated at a tensile strength 190,000 to 200,000 PSI. Material 8740 Chrome moly. U.S. made. These studs have a hex in the end to allow the user to run the studs down into the block. 12 point flat bottom nuts included.
These studs eliminate problems associated from head bolt use. Common problems include bolt breakage, block and thread damage, less clamping force and bolt stretch, constant re-torqueing of cylinder head, rear oil gallery leakage. Keep that head from moving around. General fastener torque spec. 70 to 80 Ft Lbs Ultra torque lube. Be sure to add on Ultra torque lube Part# 2464 when purchasing this kit.

THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS ARE FROM ON HIGH- ARP ENGINEERS FORWARDED TO US: Please be sure to clean out the block holes. These are studs are a free floating fastener so it is not necessary to Loctite or bottom them out and torque the studs into the block. However, it is important to have as much threaded engagement in the block as possible. The stud should not pass through the nut. Doing so will lessen the threaded engagement of the stud in the block. 3 rounds, crossing pattern on the head up to 80 ft lbs. NO need to re-torque like with old style head bolts.

SPECIAL NOTE: Original U20 head bolts were un-heat treated and have a tendency to stretch and or break off in the block. Early head bolt head diameter measures .622. Later, better quality, replacements that are currently available are $240.00 for the complete set and they measure .702. If you have the early head bolts we strongly recommend replacement with our stud kit.

NOTE: Please also look at PART#'s 1152 & 2551, for important information, to determine if you need thicker lash pads if you are using a re-ground cam or thicker cam tower shims.