Datsun Roadster 2000 header flex pipe

Datsun Roadster 2.5 inch BIG BORE to slip fit 2.0 inch 2000 Header & Stroker 1600 Flex Pipe.

Always someone else deciding they will sell the same thing we have sold FOR 29 YEARS and naming it Big Bore. A guy who wants to be big! So be it!


Stainless Steel Exhaust Flex Pipe

We first used this flex pipe on our Solex 67 2000 29 years ago and have been happy ever since! Yes we were the first. Stainless steel construction allows movement of the motor while the exhaust stays rigid and undisturbed

Our flex pipe, pictured on the blue back round, is longer and wider/NOT restrictive unlike the generic, (short) flex pipe pictured which is similar to what other vendors are selling on the white back round.

Our flex pipe diffuses the exhaust pulse that can be hard on welds in the exhaust system

Flange is precision laser cut. Save all those expensive parts from excessive strain and harmonics. Click here, to view the gasket that goes with this part.

Stainless braided area of the pipe measures 3 inches O.D. The I.D. of exist port of the pipe is 2 inches. Overall length is 8 1/2 inches.