Datsun Roadster 2000 Reground Rocker Arms (Set of 8)

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Datsun Roadster 2000 Reground Rocker Arms (Set of 8)


Rocker arms are reground by an experienced rebuilder that has been in business 50 years.

U20 Reground rocker arms. 2 styles available:
One piece early rocker arms & later 2 piece rocker arms 

Original factory rocker arms were one piece rocker arms that had a flash chrome surface over the casting that would wear off and over time, would gall the rocker arm pad surface. That is why Nissan later made two piece rockers with an hardened insert to replace the one piece.
One piece rocker arms that are merely ground/not coated will not last as long as coated ones.

Important: Replace the exact style that is on your car

NOTE: Refundable core charge will be added to the cost of the rocker arm sets. Exchange the exact style ONE PIECE OR TWO PIECE as noted in rocker arm sets listed below.

PART# 1500DL: ONE PIECE COATED super slick finished rocker arm (Set of 8)  1st photo

PART#1500TP U20 reground TWO PIECE rocker arm (Set of 8) 2nd photo 

U20 reground with baked on dry lubricate to pad surface to prevent wear. Rocker arms are sand blasted with the correct and proper media. They are then properly solvent cleaned and sprayed with a moly dry lubricant coat and baked in an oven for 1 hour. Non petroleum based moly lubricants are 100 times slicker in surface then a regular machined surface. Super slick = less heat which is the culprit in engine wear.