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Datsun Roadster 2000 U20 Ultra Performance Solex header 15mm flange 1 5/8" tube w/ heavy duty gaskets & Big Bore Flex pipe DUE IN 4/30

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Datsun Roadster SU or SOLEX ULTRA 2000 Performance Header 15MM Thick Flange 1 5/8 dia tube THERMAL COATED. Comes with our heavy duty metal sheathed hi heat exhaust & collector gaskets and our BIG BORE FLEX PIPE part #1263


Test fitted & approved by Dave Rebello Racing

Great for Solex cars. One Roadster Guru in northern California stated for years that ALL Su or Solex 2000's should have 1 5/8" diameter headers

Our headers do not have any extra welded on tabs like other headers so you get a more sturdy flange like the factory manifold and a cleaner look. Our header clears the oil pan unlike other headers on the market that rest against the pan and boil the oil in your oil pan.

Ken Kawabata's, Rebello built 2000, makes 214 BHP at the flywheel and 180 ft lbs of torque.
We of course built this header specifically for Dave & Ken. Now you can enjoy the benefits as well!

Mike Smith, in Oregon, who runs SVRA had stock valves and a stock
1 1/2" diameter tube Tri-mil header performed a dyno test and documented horsepower and torque readings
He then added our over-sized Manley stainless steel valve set and our 1 5/8" diameter tube header and experienced an increase, after the change on the dyno to our product, of 10 ft lbs of torque and 12 more horse at 4,000. It increased the bottom end performance significantly! He also experienced an increase of horsepower overall topping out at 203 bhp at the flywheel

Dave Rebello, an expert in engine rebuilding, prefers to run 1 5/8" diameter tube headers on 2000 engines".

Far superior to The AC Industries/Tri Mil version which had interference issues with the Solex manifold just about everywhere and required grinding the manifold for fitment OUCH!
Our all new header fits perfectly. Yes we checked the control sample and it is perfect.

Precision Laser cut 15MM thick top plate flange same as the Aluminum Datsun Intake manifold thickness.

Excellent welding!