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Datsun Roadster 2000 5 Speed 5th Gear Repair with caged bearings

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Datsun Roadster 2000 5 Speed 5th Gear Repair
Price includes welded gear & 2 new caged bearings

Beautiful and properly welded & honed 5th gear exclusively repaired for us by Mark Degroff. Mark has repaired hundreds of these gears, is an expert at welding and all of the post welding procedures performed to insure a proper functioning gear.

Do not attempt to fix this with any type of welding, too much heat, as the gear can become distorted on one side causing the caged bearings to seize in the gear. Gentle and proper honing, on the welded side of the gear, is necessary after welding.
Send us your early un-splined or splined 5th gear that has come apart.
We have pristine gears already repaired, in stock, ready to ship. CORE CHARGE $300.00 TO BE APPLIED AT REGISTER Yes core is expensive and your core should still be pressed together with no teeth missing, rust or irreparable or cosmetic damage.