Datsun Roadster 65 - 70 Soft Top Hardware Kit

Kit includes: 2 stainless steel springs, longer length, to cover early and late cars, 4 - eyelets, 2 - push plates LH and RH & 2 push plate posts. Also comes with a full detailed instruction sheet.

This hardware is often missing from the old soft top.

This kit replaces the hard to find system of sealing the soft top to the top of the door glass during a heavy rain. Stretchable cables, similar to the original cables, pass through a slot in most better soft top patterns. One end is fastened to the edge of the front bow, via a small screw, while the other is connected to a push plate that secures to a receiver inside the rear pillar behind the seat. When tension is created, via the spring, the soft top conforms to the top edge of the window thus creating a effective seal. NOTE: These tension cables are NOT generic steel cables that do not stretch that are sold at hardware stores.

Don't be incomplete with your restoration at the car show!