Datsun Roadster 65, 66, 67 and 67 1/2 Defroster Hose

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Datsun Roadster 65 - 67 1/2 Defroster Hose

Fits 1965, 1966, 1967, 1967 1/2

Defroster duct rubber nipple & hose. Correct length, complete assembly.

EPDM US MADE rubber nipple exact to Nissan part NOT natural rubber like original Nissan that splits overtime.
In addition, the hose material is the aluminum spiraled very similar looking to factory part
Try getting another vendor to offer this!

NOTE: Check out the 2 metal hose receptacles from an early car. In the 1st photo 1/2 of one side is welded off center which will make the hose not only fit on tight or perhaps not fit at all, but will create an air leak out of the hose. In the 2nd photo on the other side of the car the vent receptacle is slightly oval, but is still fine. Our new hoses are made a bit tighter that the factory hose to get a better seal. We want all the hot air on the inside of the windshield. Bending the mis-shaped area in slightly will remedy the problem so the hose installs correctly as seen in the final photo.