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Datsun Roadster 65 - 67 Full & Complete Weather-strip Kit 98 Pieces

Datsun Roadster 1965 - 1967 Full Weather-strip Kit - 98 Pieces

(2) Park Lamp

(6) Hood rubbers

Antenna pad

(4) Windshield

(25) Piece full Firewall / Body / Floor grommet kit (3 - Electrical Main Harness, top heat hose, bottom Heat hose, tube washer pump, tach cable engine room, tach cable passenger room, speedo cable, choke cable, heat control wire, hood cable, distributor wire harness, 2-park lamp harness, 2-rear quarter tail harness, trunk harness, 4 - floor plugs , 4-wiper pivot)

Under windshield frame

(2) Windshield Post

(4) Vent window, 2-around glass & 2-underframe

(2) Door

(4) Outside Door handle 2-front 2- rear

(3) Door & Trunk Cylinder lock

(2)Door Jam Pillar Post Cap Early small style LH & RH.

(2)Inner felt - glue on

(2) Door Outer Squeegee

(4) Vertical door channel anti rattle kit

Soft top

Heater defroster bull horn

(2) Defroster hoses

(2) Valve Vent cold air Intake. 65 - Mid 66 Round not oval. Late 66 changed to oval through early 67 please check your car. Choose one or the other when ordering.

(2) Pedal pads

Foot rest pad wide style

Accelerator Pad

Shift boot, Vinyl upper shift boot, stainless trim shift boot kit


(2) Reflector

(12) Tail light

Trunk Floor Boot

Rear Panel Grommet

License lamp lens gasket

License lamp body gasket

(2) Headlight bucket

Gas cap gasket cork

(2)Tear drop rear deck fastener.