Datsun Roadster 66 - 70 open air intake valve vent weatherstrip

Datsun Roadster Late 66 - 70 Open Air OVAL Intake Valve Vent Weatherstrip NOT MADE IN THAILAND AFTER MARKET USA

Fits 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970.

Nissan referenced these in the bulletin as "New" and so they are being oval not round like the earlier or "former" as Nissan called the discontinued version.
Weatherstrip is slotted in the middle and simply slips over rotating metal plate in your car. The only difficulty being the effort to crawl underneath the dash to put them in!

Never again will you have cold air freezing your feet at night! Most people complain about their heaters not working without realizing that their valve vent weatherstrips are totally missing and streams of cold air are entering the passenger compartment!!

See photo of the part installed on a valve vent assembly. Assembled part on metal flap shown is for reference only and is not included. 2 Oval rubbers are sold as a pair only.

Spread open the center of the weatherstrip to install on the metal flap. See photo.

Last photo of used parts taken from a Roadster. So you didn't know just how bad your valve vents are! Cracked, all memory gone from being bent over and dried up. Remember 100% ground up means just that 100%
US made NOT Thailand