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Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 -69 2000 Minor Carburetor Kit

Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 -69 2000 Minor Carburetor Kit NISSAN & OEM JAPAN

Enough parts for both carbs. 2 - plunger rods, 2 - needles, 2 - float needle valves, 2 - plungers. 2 - plunger gaskets, 4 - crush fuel inlet washers, 2 - float chamber gaskets, 2 - float needle & seat washers.

SPECIAL NOTE: Some 1970 2000's came with brass 1600 "free floating floats" and 1600 needle & seats. Please open the float chamber before ordering this kit and check your parts against the photo. We can substitute the needle and seats/washers in this kit for the 1600 counterparts. To make the change ORDER BY PART# 2300A