Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 Horn Button Refinishing Pad & Datsun Center Piece

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Datsun Roadster 67 1/2 Horn Button Refinishing Pad & Datsun Center Piece AFTERMARKET USA

67 1/2 injection molded Horn button pad. Has metal tabs on the back to re-install onto the main metal ring. This pad is sometimes bleached from the sun, cracked, missing a chunk of foam or missing completely.
Order by PART#2235BUTTONPAD $99.00 This pad supplements the inner "Datsun" plastic center piece.

The inner "Datsun" center piece, below the outer pad in the photo, is often cracked and crazed. The replacement part pictured is a "3D" injection molded exact replica of the original that has been painstakingly painted. There was significant tooling cost involved in making this part hence forth the mold amortization cost applied to each part.
We wanted it as original as possible. The back side of the part has the letters recessed in like the original, has the molded in key for registration and name "Datsun" which is lettered in the correct letter font. This part is NOT to be confused with a another replica, a less expense, solid acrylic machined piece with simple printing that has the incorrect font.
Our version is as per original Nissan. For the inner Datsun center piece in clear plastic Painted(SEE PHOTO)Order by PART# 2235PAINTED $99.00

Combo Horn button pad and Painted center piece
Order by PART# 2235COMBO $198.00

Datsun clear center piece unpainted(SEE PHOTO)Order by PART# 2235UN $49.00

Now you can completely rebuild the horn button and really finish off the detail like new!

2nd PHOTO: 5th stage of process is complete. Inserts being prepared for final black back round. Finished sample bagged to the left. Step by step procedure to create products as original as possible. That is our protocol!