Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 1600 & 2000 Shift boot retaining ring

Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 1600 & 2000. Shift boot retaining ring. Please specify whether you have a 1600 or a 2000 as they are different.
2nd photo shows the difference between the 1600, smaller, shift plate hole and the 2000, larger, plate hole. Shift plates shown for reference only.

Fits 1968, 1969 1970.

NOTE: 3rd photo. Original Nissan boot in upper corner. Our vinyl boot is larger for multiple applications, trimmed where necessary to look correct and original.

INSTRUCTIONS: The assembly is what Nissan came up with. The vinyl boot is inserted into the shift plate hole from the bottom. The vinyl boot is tapered and "cone shaped" and as the vinyl boot is inserted into the hole the diameter of the cone increases. You want to stop when the taper on the vinyl cone matches the diameter of the opening of the shift. Newest version of our vinyl shift boot is marked inside the boot for ease of assembly. Use the outer dash lines for the fold point on 68 - 70 5 speed shift plates and use the inner dash lines for the 68 - 70 1600 4 speed shift plates. The retaining ring matches the inner stamping of the shift plate being a flange to fasten to. The ring mounts on the inside of the vinyl with the toothed portion being bent around the flange of the shift plate to hold it into place (SEE PHOTO).

4th & 5th photo shown for reference attachment only. Shift plate not included