Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 3 piece front windshield pads w/ top trim piece

Datsun Roadster 1970 3 piece Interior Windshield Pad - Set
Can use for 68/69 Model Years as Well AFTER MARKET USA

Fits 1968, 1969 1970.

Reproduction Interior Windshield Frame 3 piece hard plastic pad set. Mounts on the front face of the windshield frame.
Photo looks gray (see 4th PHOTO) but the 3 pieces are actually molded in a hard black vacuum formed plastic. Includes the top finishing U-Channel trim piece pictured separately and also installed in one of the photos. This can be used in place of the top chrome trim piece on the 68 & 69 model year cars.
This Vacuum formed kit is a replica of the 1970 model. Although it is different from the 68 and 69 model many roadster owners have used this in place of the 68 /69 model

Weldwood - contact adhesive has been recommended by a customer as a alternate glue for securing the 3 pieces pictured.

Our 3 piece pad set is our best seller.

A little bit of work is required for fitting the left hand and right pieces to fit flush to the center piece. Also drilling holes at the drill point locators is required and of course assembling and gluing.