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Datsun Roadster 68,69 & 70 Braided 1600/2000 Oil Pressure Gauge Hose

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Datsun Roadster 1968, 1969, 1970 Braided Oil Pressure Gauge Hose

Custom machined fittings specifically made, matching exactly to the original Nissan fittings. Made and assembled in the USA.
NOT Aeroquip's line of generic fittings made in China.
Our line is made by an aerospace firm here in Los Angeles. Compare our line to the factory line in the photo.

Unlike other lines available that have multiple points of assembly and possible leakage, our line has only 1 point of disconnection at the block to allow the user to remove the engine without disassembling the line completely.

If we were going to make a just few lines we might have gone the easy route and use a bunch of generic readily available Aeroquip lines, but we wanted a solid line and one that looks like the original.
Clean, exact replica, lots of diligence to make it right as opposed to a throw together, quick buck, budget off brand line product...not here not ever!
Here's a product that has merit. 1200 sold over 18 years. Shop & Compare. Let your own eyes compare and make the decision for you!!
 See original Nissan in foreground. Correct and exact reproduction fittings exclusively made for Datsun Parts. Frame end fitting M10 by 1.25, block end fitting 1/8 BSPT - that is British NOT American pipe thread. No longer necessary to by other generic stainless lines and tap out the block for American 1/8 fittings or take a chance rebuilding your old line with the possibility of line failure! This is the real deal. Properly machined and accurate frame end fitting to engage the frame rail stand-off and keeper. Pre-tested to working pressure of 3000 PSI. Way overkill as this hose will never see any pressure anywhere near this figure. Flexible.....won't kink or break. 

Fits: 1968, 1969, 1970