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Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 clear horn o-ring

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Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Horn Button Replacement O-rings

Fits 1968, 1969 1970.

Often missing from the horn button assembly. We have seen this finishing ring many different ways on late year cars over the years. We've been told that originally they were crystal clear in appearance with silver paint on the back edge. Because of the lack of UV inhibitors in old rubbers a slight yellowing occurs. Often, but not always, these rings are painted front & back in the color of the car, silver, blue, red etc. These, injection molded, repros can be easily painted any color and come in a transparent amber which remarkably look like the originals after being exposed to the sun for decades.<

1ST PHOTO: Clear transparent replacement.
2nd PHOTO: Clear ring mounted in a horn button.

NOTE: Horn buttons shown for reference only and is not included. This part was made at the request of Kurt Klemm.

NOTE: There were two different diameter rings used from 68 - 70. The replacement ring we supply will fit the horn buttons with an OD of 3.984.

The smaller version measured 3.850 is not available.  Please check yours before ordering.