Datsun Roadster 68-70 Firewall Grommet Kit

Datsun Roadster 68-70 Body Grommet Kit NISSAN

Fits 1968, 1969 1970.

 27 piece grommet kit

Now comes with more grommets than before. These grommets fit in the firewall, inner fender walls and inner rear quarter panels.

CONTENTS: 3 Electrical Main Harness, LH heat hose, RH heat hose, 4 - tach cable engine room, tach cable passenger room, speedo cable, choke cable, 8- oil pressure hard line, hood cable, hand throttle cable , distributor wire harness, 2 - park lamp harness, 2 - rear quarter tail harness, trunk harness, cowl drain hose grommet,  4 - floor plugs, 4 - wiper pivot.

US & Japanese made NOT Thailand