Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 LH & RH license lamp gaskets

Datsun Roadster 69 & 70 License Light Rubber To Body Gaskets

Fits 1968, 1969 1970.

68 - 70 rear panel license lamp to body gaskets. LH and RH. 2nd & 3rd photos show the detail on the back. Sold as a pair.

Our part has the correct shape and angle and back detail matching the Nissan originals perfectly.

There is another after market, made in Asia garbage, being sold in Canada where the seller says his stuff is the same as our US made product. This dull version, shown to the rear in the 3rd photo, are being sold for the roadster has a flat back side with no cupped sealing lip at the edge, no crown at the center and flat ends, lacking the curve that matches the metal housing of the lamp.

We even had the original Nissan casting numbers replicated on the die work on the back. See them in the 3rd photo

The cupped sealing raised ridge, Our part, being pointed to by the pen, in the 3rd photo, is crucial for sealing the back side of the lamp. The arrows show this small cupped raised ridge present in our replica part. The Thailand part, behind our part, has no ridge and this is why the current seller of this item has no picture of the back side only the front. See for yourself

Our part is made to OEM quality & detail! We put an enormous amount of energy and work into this with a US rubber company. US companies always put more energy into making OEM quality gaskets than Chinese & Thailand companies. Clearly here you see the results of diligence and hard work and the end results..a quality part.

EPDM US made rubber!
Nissan Master to replicate supplied by Paul Wells